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King Fowley and guitarist Doug Souther started the band in 1984 in Arlington, VA with a goal to “out-thrash Slayer.”[1] They experimented with a number of band names, formations and styles before settling on the Deceased name and first real lineup in 1986 consisting of Fowley on drums and vocals, Mark Adams joining Souther on guitar, and bassist Rob Sterzel. Tragedy struck the group on March 3, 1988 when Sterzel and several friends, including the brother of guitarist Doug Souther, were killed in a hit-and-run accident.[2] Les Snyder became the bassist later that year. Souther quit and was replaced by Mike Smith in 1991. The lineup of King Fowley, Mike Smith, Mark Adams, and Les Snyder lasted over a decade and recorded some of the group's most celebrated works. Changes began to reshape the band in 2003, when Dave "Scarface" Castillo stepped in as drummer, enabling Fowley to be frontman and vocalist. Mark Adams left in 2007 and was replaced by Shane Fuegal. Mike Smith retired from live performances in 2006, but remains a key songwriter and studio guitarist. Les Snyder relocated to Texas in 2009 and usually performs live for shows close to home.

Since leaving Relapse, Deceased have continuously released new material, including full-length LP "As the Weird Travel On" (Thrash Corner Records) in 2005, an independent vinyl-only live album entitled "Blood Orgy in College Park - Stalking the Airwaves" in 2010, and the most recent LP "Surreal Overdose" in 2011 on their own Shrieks From the Hearse label in conjunction with PATAC Records. The November 2012 issue of Decibel contained a flexi-disc of an exclusive new track "The Luck of the Corpse".[3] A split 12" with the band Conceived By Hate, titled "The Figure of Uneasiness", was released in the fall of 2014 on El Salvador's Morbid Skull label, featuring four live-in-the-studio recordings with the current live lineup. A new album entitled "Ghostly White" is in the planning stages for release on Hell's Headbangers Records.

Vincent Price is Right

Vincent Price Is Right started in spring of 2011 as an Idea in a friend's backyard in Queens. It was a discussion about music between guys who had over the years played in punk rock, hardcore and metal bands, but had never broke any real ground. The idea was to get together and write some songs. that Idea was realized and with only four songs thrown together VPIR, as it is affectionately abbreviated, was asked to play a benefit for Cancer in honor of a friend who passed, whom is also the inspiration behind the song, Church. VPIR agreed to play the benefit, and they did badly. Although It triggered something, a viral youtube video, but more than that, it gave them the taste of performing.

Vincent Price Is Right would go on to play over thirty shows all over New York City, experience some line up changes and record a four song demo in 2012. The band is at its strongest with Nick on drums, Frank on bass, Andy on Guitar with Dave and Sean sharing vocal responsibilities. VPIR took a brief hiatus from playing shows in spring 2013 to refocus and prepare for the recording of their debut EP, Hessian, which is dropping August 17th. The Idea is present, to write songs they love and perform them, it's all pretty simplistic. The discussions are still going on for these five guys who love music. which is probably the reason listeners have such a hard time describing VPIR's sound. To simply call it metal is too vague. For Vincent Price Is Right it is a culmination of five individuals who listen to everything from punk, to thrash to death to black metal, to post hardcore, whatever it is you will not be disappointed by the Hessian EP, or VPIR's frenetic live show. Vincent Price Is Right are not trying to reinvent the wheel, they just want to fuck it and write their name on it.


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