HAUSCHKA performs live score to The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (Early 8:00pm!!)

HAUSCHKA live score to The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

The prepared piano creates soundscapes that sometimes resemble choirs or distorted string sections. At other times, it can become rhythmic, like a mixture of IDM, electronica and minimalistic compositions, like that of Steve Reich. As he has done twice before, with the films Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and The Hands of Orlac, Hauschka will produce a live score to Hitchcock's classic early silent, The Lodger, using prepared piano and delays. The renowned pianist will create an atmospheric soundscape inspired by the themes and characters of the film, allowing the pictures to provoke sonic associations that reverberate throughout the space as a kind of aural 3D. But Hauschka's spontaneous performances are inspired equally by the spirit of the room and the people in it, making this a truly special "cinemusical" happening that will occur only once. We invite you to be a part of it.

Simone White

"Soft-voiced L.A. musician Simone White is the only singer-songwriter signed to Damon Albarn's eclectic Honest Jon's label, and her singular talents are evident on her haunting latest album, Silver Silver. […] the lean-in-to-listen compositions is what makes her performances so captivating."- Time Out New York

"Simone White has a voice like ether. It's sweetly airy and hypnotic. Hearing it can pull you under to a strangely beautiful, glittering world where nothing seems real." National Public Radio

"The beguiling Los Angeles-based singer Simone White is known as much for her whispered vocals as for her smart songwriting." The Huffington Post

"White's voice is a delicate instrument, more traditional-sounding than Joanna Newsom's but with a similar ability to interpret lyrics with deceptive and revealing ease. The arrangements she favors on record are of the organic, earthy variety, like vintage Lanois..." LA WEEKLY

"[Simone White] gets innovative on her impressive third album. An album of cathartic intimacy ...built around electronic textures and sparse percussion, with White's gently yielding, half-spoken vocals pitched, pleasingly, equidistant between Laurie Anderson and Joni Mitchell. It's not all Spartan fare; the title track, an ostensibly folky duet with Andrew Bird, surfs a hum of woozy electronics and makes room for Steve Reich-like interleaved string pizzicatos and heavily treated drums, while Big Dreams And The Headlines summons a sudden, soaring chorus from the pervading spell-like quietude." Four star review, MOJO

Jerome Holloway was born and raised in the Kalamazoo area, graduated from Mattawan High School, earned a bachelor's degree in sociology at Michigan State University, and in 2005 moved to Chicago. There, to everyone's surprise, he started singing at open mic nights.

Holloway got his start in music playing drums as a child, though he didn't pick up a guitar for the first time until his mid-20s when he became obsessed with records by the likes of Damien Rice and D'Angelo. "Once I heard (D'Angelo's "Voodoo")," he says, "I started listening to music differently." Shortly thereafter, the thoughts he'd scrawled in his journal since childhood began morphing into songs. At that point, learning the guitar was just another natural step in the process.

But even though Holloway has gradually gained confidence as a musician and performer, he still hasn't completely shaken his youthful insecurities. Asked why he's more comfortable pouring his emotions into songs than sharing them with others in day-to-day conversation, he says: "Sometimes I feel if I'm just talking about my problems … I'm just taking up people's time. (With music) it's kind of like 'Here's what I'm thinking … and maybe you'll like this song as well.'"

Little Girl Blue

Julian Ducatenzeiler of Mystic Braves' solo project. Released a double album cassette on Lolipop Records early 2013. Tenderly sung folk/pop songs that take the heart home instantly.


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