Hi-Dive's One and Ten Year Anniversary

"The Hi-Dive is one of the most important new venues in town and the only place for hip new bands to be heard and seen. – Denver Post"

Machine Gun Blues

"We don't do cool," reads the Machine Gun Blues website. "We work our asses off to bleed on stage." Of course, the outfit is wrong on both counts: Its ragged, pounding fusion of the Stooges and '60s British R&B is infinitely, if not self-consciously, hip. And no matter how much raw energy the members burn while performing, it all seems to come as naturally as breathing. But they aren't as haphazard as their booze-basted live shows might imply. The band's debut album -- due in the spring of 2006 -- has been in the works for almost a year, held up by perpetual revisions and perfectionism as the group evolves even further into a seething, punk-injected bastardization of the Spencer Davis Group. Don't be fooled by the quintet's devotion to rock-and-roll chaos, though: Underneath all the sweat and shattered glass lies a pounding, precision-engineered Machine.


we were raised on the stuff.
-Ft Collins, CO

Red Cloud

Equally informed by Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Hank Williams Sr., Red Cloud plays rock and roll with religious fervor and a hearty helping of country soul. The musical cadre was formed in the Fall of 2002 when longtime friends Jason Heller (Crestfallen, Blue Ontario, et al.) and proud Nebraskan Ross Etherton (sometime Mighty Rime member) joined forces with drumming dynamo Andrew Warner (Painted Saints, The Take) and thunderbroom-riding Texan Jeremy Ziehe (See Cities From Space, Das Bruder Ziehe). Red Cloud is currently deafening audiences all across Denver with their countrified rock music.

Dude Babes

The band that brought you such hits as 'Pizza Bikini' and 'Hot Tub Hand Job!' This four piece party rock and roll outfit consisting of Dong Bon Jovi, JonBenét Rambo, Sofia Sex Bomb, and Suzie Cream Pie delivers a not-to-be-missed show. Featuring members of Dirty Few and The Legendary River Drifters

The best worst band in Denver!

Horace Van Vaughan

The Horace Van Vaughn's atmospheric sketches sound like someone in the band spent some time listening to Pink Floyd's more obscure soundtrack work while taking a break from life and from writing more conventionally acce.

Magic Cyclops

Biography: Is Magic's favorite show on A&E


We met in a bar called the HiDive. Now we practice there. All of us have done other stuff. Check out Form of Rocket, Git Some, Kingdom of Magic, and Fire Season.


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