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Hailing from North West Indiana NATIVE is made up of four friends who came together after realizing they were each the most serious about music in each of their former high school bands. The guys each decided to retire their childhood groups and instead come together to form Native in the Summer of 2007. The line up consists of Ed O'Neil /Guitar, Bobby Markos /Vocals and Bass, Dan Evans /Guitar and Nick Glassen on Drums. Since Native's inception they have self released the critically touted EP We, Delete Erase with many publications giving the disc accolades. CMJ remarked, "The brand-new four piece, Native, is making noise even before their first full-length. Their self-released debut EP, We Delete; Erase, their fresh, confident sound is filling their listeners with hope for some great things to come." Also, drawing comparisons to some pretty seminal bands Surfing Magazine described them as "It lands somewhere between a pissed off Minus the Bear and a caged up Botch".

Word of mouth about their live shows and their EP caught the attention of US Label and Management company Sargent House who went on to sign the band and who has since re-issued the EP. Native have continued to tour non-stop building quite a following in a short time through their unforgettable live shows and well executed musicianship. A review of their live show in St. Louis from The Riverfront Times stated "There's something about the age-to-talent ratio that makes the post-punk of the barely legal Indiana quartet Native both impressive and genuine. Perhaps it's the group's intelligent guitar work, which recalls the geometric riffs of Jawbox and Faraquet- Or maybe it's the fact that the vocalist's yelps sound more like a pissed Ian MacKaye than a Warped Tour screamo outfit." While Alternative Press' live show assessment was, " For a band just a little more than a year old, Native play with the confidence and prowess of a group of lifers. "

The early reviews in for their new full length album Wrestling Moves are no less flattering with Sputnik Music saying "Anyone who has listened to We Delete; Erase will immediately hear the transformation within the band. Native is still Native, but the progression here is a massive one. "
NATIVE's debut full length Wrestling Moves was released on January 23, 2010 on Sargent House. The album was Produced by Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes, Pelican) at Red Room Studios in Seattle, WA.


Montreal band Solids went to school with bands from the 90s, like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk. Formed by Xavier Germain-Poitras (guitar) and Louis Guillemette (drums), the duo has understood that melody never shines as much as when it is forced to fight its way through many layers of distortion and feedback effects. A first EP released in 2010, Generic Dogs, already united fans of chaotic choruses under the banner of their intense rock. A 7” (Fog Friends b / w Blown Out) and a split 7” created with Toronto band Animal Faces have confirmed Solid’s reputation: a rare duo able to reconcile punks, rockers and metalheads. Blame Confusion, recorded by Adrian Popovitch at Mountain City
Studio (We Are Wolves, Sam Roberts, The Dears, etc.), is the band’s first fulllength album and will be available on October 8th.

Whether playing on stages of majors events such as South by Southwest, Osheaga, POP Montreal and The Fest (in Gainesville, Florida) or in some packed and humid decrepit basements, Xavier and Louis sweat blood because they don’t know any other way of making music. Solids is somehow a gift for all those who never feel as alive as when they’re submerged in decibels!

Bennio Qwerty

Bennio Qwerty began on a Brooklyn construction site in the Summer of 2012. Working together on a four month build-out of a bar in South Williamsburg, guitarist/singer Mike Barron and bassist Nathan Delffs quickly bonded over their love of Lungfish, Scott Walker, and Drive Like Jehu. Naturally, they decided to start a project of their own.

Mike, a member of the Brooklyn indie-pop quintet North Highlands, and Nathan, formerly of Brooklyn-by-way-of-Portland's Forest Fire, enlisted Louie Glaser, a long time friend, middle school music teacher, and member of Wise Blood to drum. The band gelled instantly. A month later Bennio Qwerty had a set's worth of material and began playing shows in and around their Brooklyn neighborhood. They released the aptly titled "EP" in February of 2013 and returned to the studio to track four more songs for a second, slightly more creatively titled, "Picture Of" EP to be released this summer.

Bennio Qwerty's earlier material is turbulent and flush with the exuberance of a band still thrilled to have discovered one another. Compared to those recordings, their new EP's title track, "Picture Of" has a smoother, more controlled feel. While it still hints at the influences that brought them together, the song is a natural progression for a band becoming more comfortable with its sound. Like the neighborhoods they help to build, the song is urban in tone—hypnotic and mechanical—but Barron is skeptical. He shrugs, "Thoughts on moving west? Thoughts on leaving all this? We could pack up and do it this spring, we could leave this city behind."


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