Dream Alchemy

Dream Alchemy

Dream Alchemy is a true American tale of serendipity, grief, and friendship. Before they began working together musically Steve and Maria were great friends in high school when Steve played basketball and Maria sang the National Anthem. Soon, though, much changed. Only a couple of years after high school tragedy entered their world when Maria lost her sister. Maria left, accepted to sing for Tokyo Disney and later played Pocahontas and Belle from Beauty and the Beast on Disney Cruise Line. Steve became a high school English teacher and formed the original hard rock band, Waha Fire. Eventually, Maria came back home. She sang as a guest at some of Steve’s shows and soon the two had started writing music together. Maria decided she wanted to write a song about her sister, and one late December night, a rough outline of the song was written. The pair decided to write the song from the unique perspective of Maria’s lost sister. Several weeks later the song was recorded and the two had their first single. Months later, Maria was put into contact with a woman who lost her daughter, and was filming a documentary on eating disorders, grief, and loss. She loved the song “Awaken”. “Awaken” is featured during the rolling credits of Someday Melissa. The song is filled with the incorruptible magic of fate. The pair hopes that it will hopefully help others heal like it did them.
After “Awaken”, the pair continued to write many more songs including “Edge of the Ocean” and “Reign of Fire”. The music is a unique blend of acoustic, cello, piano and vocals. Maria’s classical trained siren-like voice is an unorthodox yet warm, plaintive match for Steve’s earthy timbre. The two hope to continue songwriting and playing shows together for many years.

Grand Cousin

A fledgling Buddhist, an Upper-East-Sider-Gone-Rogue, and the sensitive son of a sitcom legend coalesce to form Grand Cousin. Robby, the Buddhist, plays a bass, Evan, the Upper-East-Sider, plays a drum, and Henry, the sensitive one, sings and plays a guitar. They met at Wesleyan University where they still go to class sometimes.

Henry writes songs about his feelings because he’s “weak” and “scared of life,” he says. Henry’s songs come from a place of insecurity, euphoria, anxiety and nostalgia. His melodies and lyrics aim to express the troubling emotional outlook that guides his life of resistance to change and yearning for control of the present and future.

Robby and Evan help Henry with his problems. Robby’s unassuming and ear-thirst-quenching-bass-playing meshes perfectly with Henry’s voice and guitar, like when you connect to really good Wi-Fi in a public place when you weren’t expecting it. Beneath that #trill internet reception simile is Evan’s steadfast and succinct drumming. He brings a groove to Henry and Robby’s weirdness that is tight and aggressive like a really tight knot. They provide a foundation of rhythm and resolution that rounds out the Grand Cousin sound.

Learn to “Hate People,” put a “Camera” in someone’s room, breathe in “Oxygen,” “Take” her “Out,” and feel that “Constant Improvement,” all with your friends at Grand Cousin.

Loose Buttons

The Loose Buttons started playing gigs around New York City back in 2007, when the oldest member of the band was just 15. For a group in their early 20s, they've played nearly 30 venues in New York City, most of them multiple times, giving them the experience of a band almost twice their age. After making their major label debut with 2011's Silent Snow, the band took a brief hiatus before reforming under their own independent label and playing a bunch of music festivals around the U.S. (Northside Festival, Miami Music Festival, Amnesty International Music Festival). They embarked on an East Coast headlining tour in 2012-2013, and have been playing local gigs at venues ranging from the 500-cap Gramercy Theatre and Brooklyn Bowl to intimate but legendary NYC staples like Cafe Wha, The Bitter End and Santos Party House. The band's first independent release, their debut EP AM Arcade, came out on June 2nd, 2013 following a music video for the tune "I Love Lucy". Formerly Sins of the Loose Buttons.



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