Line & Circle, Rachel Fannan + Brandon Intelligator of Only You, Bonfires, DJ Rob Barbato

Line & Circle

Line & Circle was born of the collaboration between Brian J. Cohen & Brian Egan, friends and bandmates who met at college in the Midwest. Cohen was from Akron, Ohio, pre-med and pennyloafered and overtly Anglophilic. Egan was the quiet guy down the hall, the classically trained pianist, born and raised in Dayton, with Guided by Voices playing through his ever-shut door.
So...two guys named Brian from the Midwest.
But also, lines and circles are the elements of, well, everything. The shapes that formed the essence of the very first cave paintings. The forms that make up every letter of every alphabet in every language. And now, the ones and zeros that make up binary code. An entire history of communication, stripped back to its essence, leads to these two simple shapes.
Yes, everything. For as long as we’ve been here.
The two Brians moved to California. Their lives were binary now too, divided into before and after. Before was the place they came from–––Ohio, with its blue-collar spirit, familiar apple-cheeked faces, and long cold winters–––and after was the place they went to–––Los Angeles, with its jammed freeways and long-haired girls and relentlessly good weather.
They had no choice but to buy sunglasses and write songs.
Their new material was leaner than their previous collaborations, and yet somehow bigger. Less trees, more sky. Their early demos caught the ear of White Iris’ Lewis Pesacov, who previously produced debut albums for Best Coast and Nikki Lane. They took to the studio, along with a newly formed band, including guitarist Eric Neujahr, bassist Nathan Gammill and drummer Nick Cisik. There, with nods to early 4AD dream pop and chiming I.R.S. Records-era guitar rock, the group pared the songs to their essence–––there’s that word again–––simple melodic phrases and hooky ostinatos that subvert the complications of the lyrics. The result is this first release, a 7” on White Iris Records.
Recorded live, Roman Ruins (side A) and Carelessness (side B) are soaring and dark and glittering and nostalgic, like the soundtrack to an epic coming-of-age story.
So, two songs. Two Brians. Two shapes. Ohio and California. Cave paintings. Line & Circle. Everything, forever. Debut 7” single Roman Ruins / Carelessness out now on White Iris.

Only You

Only You is Rachel Fannan, her mission, her heart, and an assemblage of some of the premier musicians in East LA. Only You has become a genesis for a re-imagining of music from a golden age. In her debut single release Applying Myself / Love Is Making Me Tired, out now on White Iris Records (FIDLAR, Electric Guest, Best Coast), Only You combines vintage tones and rich harmonies to induce joy struck tears of nostalgia.

“Applying Myself” is an angst driven anthem of freedom and surrender. From a shimmering race of percussion to the heart throbbing dig of guitars, the listener canon balls into a rocking lament. “Love Is Making Me Tired” is an ode to the perils of lust. Delivered with a smoke and swag, Fannan’s confession of desire dances through a landscape of guitar jabs and chime.

Wherever the Great American Songbook meets up with Americana and Psych that’s where to find Only You. Artists that most of today’s youth have left for dead like: Roy Orbison, Aretha, Presley, Carl Perkins, Costello and Johnny Cash would’ve been right at home hitting the road with Only You.



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