We’re mavericks, trail blazers, rebels, rule breakers, outlaws…..true uninhibited artists. We deliver our message through sideshow, and fuel our art through passion. We encourage you to no longer be an echo, but a voice. But don’t reach in your pockets just yet, you don’t even knowus!

It’s 2008, a scruffy faced man stands back to admire his work. He’s staring at a giant red prison bus, in which his hands have grazed every nut and bolt. Some say he suffers from a Peter Pan syndrome, others call him obsessed. We call him “The Govna”. Behind him an authentic hand painted banner adorned with the name “Hellzapoppin”, it’s here in this very moment that a whole new breed of entertainment is about to take on the world. This bus, custom built, every detail bringing to life something only the most creative of minds can imagine, an authentic vaudeville circus sideshow. It’s bunks hold a fire breathing, sword swallowing NoPants wearing Marilyn Monroe of sideshow… a smooth talking, lady killing, back bending world famous acrobat and break dancer…a foul mouthed , four legged, irresistible French Bulldog..Mr. Buggles. Watching over them, the ringmaster, the blockhead, the master puppeteer, The Govna.

This long horned clad bus is as touchy as the ladder made of machetes. The performers delicately tip toeing from town to town in hopes of avoiding another break down. Tight living quarters, no privacy, long periods of time away from family and friends, no guarantee of a pay check, it’s abundantly clear this life is not for the faint of heart. You will find the Hellzapoppin family sitting around a dinner table with smiles on their tired faces, and giggles slipping their lips through blown out voices. It’s neither drink nor smoke that has this family of freaks in such high spirit, it’s the residuals of that night’sperformance. You see, this group of oddities survives on hopes and dreams. This primal instinct, and desire to hold captive the spotlight and attention of a crowd has landed Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue as a featured attraction at Ripley's Believe it or Not and Guinness Book of World Records. Their performers have toured with the likes of OZZFest (2 Years), Warped Tour, The Family Values Tour, Metal Town (5 years inSWEDEN), G-Fest (Denmark-Faroe Islands), Pedal to the Metal tour, West Coast Riot Festival and Peace and Love Festival (Scandinavia). You’ve seen them in Sturgis Bike Week, Laconia Bike week, Biketober Fest in Orlando, Thunder in the Rockies and much more. Since December of 2008, Hellzapoppin has been a featured attraction on countless tours with bands like Bob Dylan, Mudvayne, Static X, Marilyn Manson, Journey, 30 Seconds to Mars, Slipknot, OZZY Osbourne, Gogol Bordello, Ramstein, Black Label Society plus hundreds more. THIS Underground Rock-n-Roll Circus Sideshow is where some of the most deadly stunts in live entertainment are performed to the sounds of screams and popular rock music and its COMING summer of 2013 . The most amazing part of this traveling freak show, is that it’s travel is funded show by show. It’s not these human oddities are incapable of getting hourly jobs. It’s that these human oddities are incapable of living life any other way. Artists. Visionaries. These vigilantes of the sideshow world are kept alive by applause and a burning spotlight. Their love for their art and the desire to show it to the world drives them to survive on pennies and dimes. Sure, we’re starving artists, not an uncommon scene. But, this built from the ground up production has taken place over a matter of only 4 short years! Come make history with them as they eat glass, swallow swords, perform acrobatic break dancing feats....they’ll lay on beds of nails and drill out their skulls with a 5 inch drill bit. This freakshow wonder of dark humor features stunts like Glass Walking, Contortion, and Balloon Swallowing, the Homemade Lobotomy, Walking on Razor Sharp Machetes, Burlesque, and the Human Dart Board. You'll witness the art of fire eating and fire breathing, Sword Swallowing, and the famous Blade Box Illusion and much more! All features are presented by the biggest, the best and some of the most famous sideshow performers in the world! In the words of The Govna, “DO YOU WANNA SEE IT?!?”



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