Evelynn, From Mars to Mariana, Every Minute Can Kill, Like Vegas, Harbinger, Lost Continent


Originally a studio project of Singer / Song writer Arpan Rey. Slowly through strong friendships and common aspirations evelynn has progressed from a studio project to the 5 piece metal outfit it is today.

From Mars to Mariana

Eric Gallen - Vocals
Jacob Johnson - Lead Guitar
Dave Wallace - Rhythm Guitar
Christian Ward - Bass/Vocals
Lloyd Layfield - Drums
Mike Bukowski - Keys

Every Minute Can Kill

"...more impressive than most of the national acts leading this scene" - AMP Magazine

"Seriously, why the fuck have they not been picked up by a label yet?" - Lexington Music Press

"Angry, nasty, brutal and driving songs with huge epic sing-a-long choruses!" - Daily Unsigned

"Melodic, hard hitting but also filled with meaning." - New-Post-Hardcore

Trevor - Lyric Putter
Rich - Guitar
Andy - Guitar
Danny - Bass
Dylan - Drums

Like Vegas

Like Vegas is a mindset. Living life to the fullest and making the most out of everything. We have made a name for ourselves over the years playing all over our home state, as well as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Despite a few member changes and progressing our sound as a whole, we are all focused on one thing. To live the dream. Live it, Like Vegas.

Trevor Grimes- Vocals
Mike Deaton- Guitar
Robert Steele- Bass
Justin Mayhorn- Drums


Harbinger is a 5 peice Metalcore band out of Newark, DE.

Harbinger: "a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign."

Check out our single! l Post Modern | https://soundcloud.com/harbingerde/post-modern

Donny Martin -Vocals
Danny Martinez - Guitar
Owen Robinson - Guitar
- Bass
Kyle Hart - Drums

Lost Continent

Lost Continent plays a blend of progressive and melodic death metal, pulling from the many varied influences of the 5 members. Hoping to release first single "Obsidian Sphinx" soon, they are continuing to write killer grooves and sweet melodies to play for anyone that will listen.

Kevin Corder
Nick Pitts
Kenton Harrison
Mike Prazenica
Steve Senger



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