Plastic Bubble, Lady Pyramid, The Itchy Hearts, Hal Dolls

Lady Pyramid

A 4 piece all girl folk rock band from Louisville, KY. Experimental, yet accessible. 2 KTs and all Ladies. We've been jamming for a long time, and just got a drummer to complete our sound. We played our first show summer of 2012 at Solidarity.

The Itchy Hearts

Andy and some friends got together in 2008 and recorded some songs and called it "Goodbye Goodnight". We went on a tour, then recorded more songs and called it "Do Ya Best". We got a drummer, lost a violinist, and went on another tour, though none of us remember that one very well. Then everyone left the band, and Andy recorded another album, and called it "Tried to be Punk". Then Andy got a whole new lineup, and went on the best tour ever. Expect a new album by the end of summer 2011.



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