At a young age we set out to make our musical fortunes and along the way have worked with some of the luminaries of popular music. From the concrete jungles of the ATL, to the projects of Brooklyn, and now based out of San Francisco, we have kept our fans dancin’ in the streets, bouncin’ in their seats and makin’ sweet love to our baby makin’ beats. A culmination of our upbringing on the grimy streets of Detroit and gigging every night of the week in the city since we were teenagers.

Accept no imitations! Our music sounds like no one else.
Whether it's an original composition or producing a top artist's track, our production and songwriting is unparalleled. That's why many of today's biggest artist are turning to The Reefer Twins to break them out of the cookie cutter commercial music box. We don't make beats we make hit songs!

Setchko & Meese 5pm

Bodhi Setchko & Stephen Meese have been performing together for many years. As friends and colleagues in numerous bands they have delighted audiences with their warm sense of humor and professional presence.



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