Thicker Than Thieves

Defying the current state of popular music,Thicker Than Thieves successfully blends soulful vocals, searing guitar solos, and a rock-reggae based rhythm section to create a unique signature sound. “San Diego based, Thicker Than Thieves pump out a sun-baked and surf inspired mix of heavy, reggae inflected bass lines and blazing guitars,” wrote Bill Picture, staff writer, San Francisco Examiner. Inf
luences ranging from Bad Brains, Bob Marley, The Clash, and classical composers like Dvorak, have allowed TTT to bring a multi-faceted yet widely appreciated original style to a diverse fan base. Primarily defined by memorable live performances, TTT has entertained audiences at events such as Reggae In The River and the Vans Warped Tour. Thicker Than Thieves began with local acclaim in 2000, and by extensively touring throughout the western U.S.(including Hawaii), Canada, Costa Rica, TTT has been widely accepted by all types of music fans. In 2002, TTT self released “Smuggler's Run” and 2004's EP “Respect” featuring reggae artist Tippa Irie. In 2007, TTT released the full length LP “Thru Thick and Thin” and have continued to receive great reviews from industry professionals and fans alike. TTT music has been featured on various surf movies, as well as the most recent debut on the movie Hard Breakers featuring Tia Carrera and Tom Arnold(2010). With band members from Costa Rica, Hawaii, and California, Thicker Than Thieves has a sound that stands on its own. TTT is currently working on its 4th full length release with record producers Michael “Miguel” Happoldt(Skunk Records) and Louie Richards(17th Street Recording Studio) which best displays the unique talents and diverse songwriting skills Thicker Than Thieves brings to the stage. For this hardworking band, the philosophy is simple: play positive music that makes people dance, and to inspire the youth.

Thicker Than Thieves is:
Vocals- Jamin Hazelaar (CA)
Guitar- Mauricio Mora (CR)
Keys- Bucky Springmeier (HI)
Guitar- Taen Peid (HI)
Drums- Victor Rojas (CR)
Bass- Clay McCallum (CA)

Souljah Sonic (of Zion Souljahz Soundsystem)

Pure Reggae Music

Mono Verde

This project arises with the intention to present Latin Reggae and Latin Rythms in our language to people
in this course. And therefore,bring to light Latin American Reggae bands.
Mono Verde is made by musicians from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador and U.S,
continuing in the search of experiences to create revolutionary, spiritual music with the intention of helping our brothers.
At the moment, they have independently recorded an produced two Albums: "Ensamblando Culturas" (Assembling Cultures)
and "Ecos de fe y esperanza" (Echoes of faith and hope), which now is in promo.

Inna Di Red

This group of musicians has been writing and collaborating for several years now. But it wasn't until this spring (of 2013) that they introduced themselves to the world as the newly refurbished Inna Di Red. With a finalized lineup of skilled musicians, they are confident in their ability to deliver songs that will move souls as well as inspire change within the lives of their listeners. Inna Di Red's goal is to not only bring listeners enjoyment with their music, but also to raise awareness and take action in the spiritual war that exists amongst us all. So open up your mind and your heart and give Inna Di Red a listen. One love!

Spellbinder and the Mile High Music Maykas

On his lyrical mission, Spellbinder has seen and felt the wrath of the Babylon system in a time when Rasta man or natty dreadlocks man was considered a dangerous and hostile individual, and to this he put a voice. He was inspired to drop musical truth about his love for Jah and his struggle against the system so that all would understand. From behind many microphones he has sung out of respect for all living creatures and for the complete unification of every man & woman of every color and race.

$4.00 - $108.00


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