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It was a gentle spring night in 2009; performers were all around. Enveloped in books and tables, one by one, aspiring artists conveyed their messages and talents to an audience with an open microphone as their medium. Guitar in hand, A was a balladeer that night. Across the spaces was Z, with a voice unrivaled amongst the confluence.

On the basis of bilateral auditory appreciation for what was heard, A and Z mutually agreed to join forces and make our mark on the world's musical spectrum. Though endeavors were consistently planned, no advances were made in the march towards musical fusion. More and more, the whole notion seemed to wither with the years, with repartee of our failed plans slowly metamorphosing into a morose truth.

Suddenly, the new year of 2013 arrived. Alcohol, friends and merriment were abundant. On that day, A and Z made a resolution to embark on this musical project finally. Something was different. The room was conflagrant with determination.

Fast forward to the next few weeks and the congress of music had begun. We are now a musical duo moving at warp speed towards acoustic stardom. And nothing can slow us down.

Harlots Vice

Caitlin Moran (Kiki Star), was born in Astoria Queens and raised in the Bronx. Since she was 4 years old she has wanted to sing, it was about 7 years old when she began writing her own poetry and songs. The passion between both set her dream in stone.

Caitlin started going to auditions in the city for different competitions and events. Nothing quite flew from that so she moved on to work with various musicians and producers to mold her own sound and begin playing original music. She Aspired to be like Jewel and reflected so with her sassy soul, raw lyricism, and love for Rock and roll.

At the age of 17 Caitlin moved from nyc to the dirty south, made a band in Tampa, Florida and fell in love with the band life, the creation and dedication. She did that for a few years until she decided to move back to NYC where she met Ken Malave and formed Harlots vice.

Brooklyn based rock band Lilly Field have been sharing their languid lo-fi guitar sounds in and around New York City since early 2013.



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