Drone Ranger, Week of Wonders, Zebras and Bulls Fight Tonight!, Jackie Paper

Drone Ranger

With an appreciation for blistering noise, the surreal, and psychedelic crooning, Drone Ranger decided to cast their jangle through some dusty old amplifiers in Bill Fries' bedroom studio in early 2013. Their compulsions towards home recording and analog equipment eventually materialized a five track demo tape; a hazardously created brew of dream inducing tunes that they personally enjoyed. Parallel to souped-up shoe-gaze, adding slacker vocals and a pissed off space redneck, the wailing five piece casts a head nodding trance that will leave your eye's spinning.

Week of Wonders

"A few years ago, Orca Team were among the best bands in Portland that not many people paid attention to. They garnered a smattering of local press and played at all the "right" bars, but something about the band just didn't seem to connect with Portland audiences. The band packed their things and relocated to Seattle, made a single record (2012's excellent Restraint, which almost blew up), and called it quits. But here's the good news: Former Orca Team bassist/ringleader Leif Anders' new band, Week of Wonders, is essentially a continuation of his previous project, and it's terrific in all the same ways. The group's debut EP Failures is a quintessentially Pacific Northwest take on beach pop that manages to be nostalgic and reminiscent of I-vi-IV-V shit without ever being too desperately "retro." But most importantly, stripped of their aesthetic, the songs are fundamentally great. If Failures isn't an indication we've been taking Anders for granted, I don't know what is." -- MORGAN TROPER

Zebras and Bulls Fight Tonight!

Amalgamating punk and jazz into an emotional mess since 2004.

Jackie Paper

Philadelphia five piece psychedelic pop rock band with banjo, uke, and flute adding to the already eclectic sound.



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