Spencer Vincent

I am an avid photographer, singer/songwriter, and strong cohort to adventurous scenarios (ala. I get a lot of my friends off their booty’s to get up and outside and have a good time.) I also wrote off and on for a local magazine usually about culture, music, community, and I was the head of the expressions section (short stories & poetry.)
I’m in love with the unknown and try to make an adventure out of everything I do outside. I graduated from UCSB with a sociology BA and music AA. I have been in three bands of varying styles, but as of recent I have been playing solo shows with my guitar and a loop pedal for fun (singer-songwriter stuff). I also taught English pronunciation and American Culture in two cities in China for 4 months. I love meeting new people, laughing, and sharing stories about anything and everything.

Chris Ahlman

All Chris Ahlman wants to do is spread some positivity with his music.
The San Francisco Bay Area resident grew up with music and spent much of his childhood behind a piano and, later, a saxophone. At fifteen, he switched over to guitar and vocal work, and since 2007, has been entertaining audiences with his original music.
His prominent influences are artists such as Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, Train, Bob Dylan, and Hootie and the Blowfish. His lyrics are positive and uplifting, his guitar work is mellow, and his vocals are strong and soothing.
“My music is focused towards inspiring people to think about life,” he explains, “and the world that we live in from a positive and good perspective. I believe that music is a wonderful and good part of this world that brings people together.”

King of the Moon

Formed in Santa Barbara, CA, the "Garage Art Rock" band King of the Moon blends raw, straightforward rock with a sonic flavor like a darker Wilco or smoother Spoon, a kinder Nick Cave or warmer Interpol, King of the Moon is accessible, connective indie rock


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