Wayfarer, Mathew K

Nik Piscitello (Wayfarer) is an post-punk acoustic artist. He has a previous extensive North American touring history with the bands Last of the Believers and Spark of Life. During his time with those bands he shared the stage with punk and hardcore acts Rise Against, Thrice, Circle Jerks, NoFX, Ignite, Good Riddance, Pulley, Throwdown, Sick of It All (among others.)

Alt-Country rambler, Mathew K, sings tales of sorrow and regret that resound in us all. New York, Nashville, Denver, and now Philadelphia are a few of the places along the journey he has called home. Teamed up with producer Matt Schenck, iconic punk musicians Chuck Treece (McRad, Bad Brains) and Dan Stevens (Dead Milkmen), along with Nick Bockrath, Barney McKenna (Nico's Gun,Rich Mystics), and Robbie Bennett (War on Drugs), the crew went into the studio to bring these captivating tunes to life. The self titled debut e.p. will be released Dec. 2012, followed shortly by "Misery & Gin with Dan Orlando," an unplugged trio showcasing a different side to K's writing. Watch for these and more at www.facebook.com/mathewkmusic.

No Stranger

Ryan Villa Nueva

A self-taught guitarist and seasoned pianist, Ryan Villanueva has been writing and performing his songs for the past several years in the Mid-Atlantic region, but has also performed in Nashville, New Orlenas, Seattle, the Philippines, China and Chile. Growing up as a Filipino-American in Western Maryland, his influences are nestled in American folk, bluegrass and blues. He is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.



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