Pig Mountain, Warzawa, Machete!, Musket King, SatanParty

Pig Mountain

Doob & Dillon started jamming. Ricky picked up a bass. That's the long and short of it.
Slow, Heavy, Simple.


Melodic Math Punk!


We got some gear and decided to take it out in public.

Musket King

Sludgy Rock & Roll

Ever see that guy at shows or around town wearing the cool t-shirt & you think that guy seems pretty cool? So you strike up a conversation and find out they are pretty cool and you choose a day to get together and jam to see what happens. Thats what happened, not very exciting I know but we are all winners here. We get to make the music we love and share our sense of humor with the world and you get to hear it. You're welcome.


Satanparty is the true culmination of evil-comedic poetry wrapped up in an organic electronic guitar-based synthesis. It stands for moral decay with true narcissistic confidence set to a funky beat. Come party with Satanparty.



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