Lucky Five

Lucky Five

With dynamic beats, powerful basslines, soul-cringing guitar riffs and diverse songwriting talents, Lucky Five delivers a brand new sound to the Charlotte music scene. Early collaborators Marques Nash, Shago Elizondo, and Andy Mormimoto formed the original foundation of Lucky Five in December 2006. It wasn’t until the addition of Jesse Williams and Jonny Fung that the group was able to truly settle into its niche and start developing its unique sound. Lucky Five’s primary focus has been to create the most musically intense songs possible, complete with magnetic hooks and intimate lyrics. You can catch them playing at various venues around Charlotte, as well as throughout the region...... Check us out and remember "The Resistance is coming"........

The New Wilde

Collision of two Charlotte bands, Carson and The Local Traumatic, hit each other like a freight train and made The New Wilde.

Old Sun

After playing a variety of styles and genres together for years, Old Sun finally came into being when the members decided to do something different-Write music that they love, and hope that others can see the care they put into it as well. The band, hailing from the Carolinas, has spent the past year writing and recording a constant stream of new material, including their debut EP. Always eager to get music out to fans, the band has released this EP for free download, as well as several demos. With 2012 under their belts and a new year upon us, Old Sun now looks ahead to the next official release, already in the works, and playing as many shows as they can.



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