El Elle

El Elle

"Provocative solo artist El Elle, aka Lisa Light of cultish favorites The Lovemakers...is a showstopper. She blends mod style and sonic substance, analog synth with bass and whispery, dreamy vocals, Beyoncé-slick moves...and Kate Bush-esque organic songwriting" -SFBG


KNIGHTRESSM1 is the hard-driving, violin-fronted, power-rock trio formed by Emily Palen. This dream child of a musical force was born from her passion for epic hard rock and the heartbreaking harmonies of her classical music training.
Proving the violin is a viable and natural front instrument for the heaviest of rock and roll, Palen brings a refreshing take to the typical band landscape. Built on a solid foundation of bass and drums, these gritty and gorgeous violin sounds finished with raw vocals dedicated to speak the truth, build an entirely new sound appropriate for an ascending world.

Emily Palen: violinist, pianist, composer and vocalist is combining her skills with the heavy-handed rhythm section composed of bassist Bryan Dean of Bay Area's cherished hard-rock outfit 'A Band Called Pain" and drummer Rob Ahlers of "50 Foot Wave".

Anchored firmly in the raw authenticity of the human heart, KnightressM1 embodies the galactic superhero who is bringing much-needed magic to this world. Using the energetic power of musical alchemy, starseed coding and the quantum, KnightressM1 pledges to create a place for you to embody your own superhero.

Blisses B, rooted firmly in the city that embraces music in all forms imaginable, introduces another compilation of genre-crashing rock and psychedelia with their second fulllength album, Thirty Days, Sixty Years. Debuted on Nov. 9, 2010, the album was recorded, produced, and engineered entirely by the San Francisco-based quartet.

Devon McClive and Sons

Devon McClive and Sons formed in 2009 in San Francisco when Devon returned from an inspiring sabbatical in Bellingham, WA. With a handful of songs written on the cello, she pulled in some of her favorite musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area who she had played with over the years in other bands. With the idea in mind that she would pull these people together for a recording project, two years later, they are still playing and performing together. A little seed of an idea turned into a growing and evolving entity all of its own.

With folk music and romantic experiences of living on the water as inspiration, the music toggles between proud chords and heart wrenching melodies. The music ranges from gypsy-like rhythms with sassy trumpet solos to sweet tender vocal lines accompanied by riveting viola riffs and spaghetti western guitar sounds. People have compared them to artists such as Regina Spektor, Antony and the Johnsons, Dido and Damien Rice. The band consists of Michael Tornatore on drums, Steven Hall on viola, Aaron Priskorn on trumpet, Dave Davis on guitar and Devon McClive on cello, piano and vocals.

Shortly after they played their first show in March, 2009, they started playing in the poster room of the legendary Fillmore. Devon took the songs on the road and played two east coast tours, learning the way the road and spreading the music as best as she could, playing places such as The Cake Shop in NYC and the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV. In July of 2010, Devon released her first EP, Quiet Bravery, on piano with Michael on drums. They hit the road to promote the EP through the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, they have received some press from the UK and are working on the first album as a full band to be released in 2011.


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