Paul Tabachneck, Alastair Ottesen, Nik Westman

Paul Tabachneck

Paul Tabachneck makes his return to Spike Hill after having been Rockethub's resident Takeoff Tuesday artist for October — currently based out of Harlem, Tabachneck has been keeping himself busy recording his successfully-crowdfunded new album, "Two People Made This Mess," with Brandon Wilde. He dropped a single, "Just As Long As You Want Me To," in November, and made a Banksy-themed lyric video for it, with which he proposed to his girlfriend Ana — did we say girlfriend? We meant fiancée. You can see the video, and others, at, and listen to tracks at, but we recommend that you come to Spike Hill and see him in the flesh on January 10 at 8 PM!

Alastair Ottesen

Alastair Ottesen writes genre-bending songs that fuse American folk music, rock 'n' roll and 60s pop into a unique blend. Words and melodic invention combine, speaking directly to the heart of the listener. Ottesen's band provides the perfect setting for the songs, surrounding them in both delicately restrained intensity and unhinged psychedelic frenzy.

Nik Westman

Nik & the Central Plains
Indie/Folk/ Rock

Hi, I'm Nik Westman. I write a bunch songs that swing from Alternative Folk to good ol' indie rock. I'm based out of Brooklyn, NY. The Songs I have posted are a collaboration with my Pals & band mates Kraig Decker & Colin Bronnenkant from Pittsburgh, Pa and a few more wonderful folks. I write songs and do my best to bring them to life through recording them with like minded musicians and artists. Hope you enjoy what I have posted. Most of these songs are listed as " nik & the central plains" that's the name of the band I've been part of since 2006. I'm currently working on a fresh batch of tunes, until those are worked out & recorded you've got a couple of records to delve into.



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