Sang Matiz

SANG MATIZ sounds like The Gypsy Kings and Jamiroquai had a baby in South America!

​Sang Matiz is starting the new year with an exotic mix of Afro-Brazilian/Peruvian rhythms fused with Funk & R&B in their first New Album. With amazing musicians from the Bay Area they have found their zone of high energy vibrant sounds from South America and the US; a contagious new Beat to waken your inner self exposing your deepest emotions.

Sang Matiz has come a long way perfecting a combination of styles that can only be described as Danceable, Catchy, Fast, Syncopated melodies with some Rap and Afro rhythms combined with flamenco style finger picking. They hail from Sonoma County back in 2008 making their way to San Francisco establishing a Fan Base of Americans and Latinos looking for a new edge in music. Sang Matiz's New CD Album is available now everywhere in the Country!!

The Emily Anne Band

The Emily Anne Band has come out hitting hard with high-energy funky rock cascading into soulful harmonized crooning.

Melanie Ida Chopko

"She writes for all the right reasons...[her songs] are little gems." Jesse Herrera, sound engineer and producer

"She's got a voice and something to say." - John King

Melanie Ida Chopko writes songs, plays instruments, and sings so that you can believe it.

Melanie Ida Chopko writes songs, plays instruments, and sings so that you can believe it. She creates beauty for the sake of small, insistent, buoying beauty. Her music folds together traditions of American folk, jazz and Brazilian music to create revitalizing harmonies, and greasy, stomp your feet celebration. On stage, she blurs the line between performer and audience, grabbing your hand and inviting you to sing along inside a sound bigger than yourself. She rides a green bicycle, feeds chickens in the morning, and tells pretty good jokes.

The debut EP of her compositions is due to be released in the spring of 2014.

$5.00 - $8.00


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