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Kofi Baker's Cream Experience

Kofi Baker, following in the family tradition, displays a mastery of technique and natural talent that rivals that of his father, Ginger Baker.

After seeing the Cream reunion in 2005, Kofi was inspired to form his own Cream tribute band - he wanted to continue where Cream, and his father, had left off.

Kofi's band is the ultimate Cream tribute: combining Cream's innovative and experimental style with virtuoso talent. The dynamic three-piece effectively capture Cream's mood and energy, adding their own distinctive styles. Front man Tony sings and solos with virtuoso ease; Ric lays down strong and innovative bass-lines complimenting Kofi's complex polyrhythms, learned from his father. Kofi Baker's Cream Experience includes songs from Blind Faith and Jimi Hendrix - an original Cream tribute band that truly rocks!

MF Kaaos

MF KAAOS is composed of drummer Matt Fink(MF) and DJ KAAOS. The duo puts together a well thought out, full one hour set consisting of pure, raw Underground New and Old School Hip Hop, break beats, reggae, and more, along with original beats produced by the duo.
KAAOS spins the trax and live, heavy handed drummer, Matt Fink, drums along taking over the original drum trak of the song being played by DJ KAAOS. The beat is very upbeat and packs a powerful punch. MF KAAOS plays concert venues as an opener and even main support. A NOT TO MISS EXPERIENCE!!!

$5.00 - $120.00


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