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The Next Generation Celebration
Club Cosmic
9:30PM - 4:00AM

A party like no other! We aim to create an experience of a lifetime for all who wish to share in this futuristic celebration. Similar to barstool, we are a travelling event going from venue to venue, campus to campus, promoting the New Earth vibe. What separates us from any other type of performance or party is the structure of our show, the involvement of the crowd, and collaboration of up and coming artist who are all growing and building our name collectively. New Earth Connect strives to bring people together worldwide. We feel the best way to spark this new wave is to celebrate and really feel what that good collective love is all about through our Next Generation Celebration.
Dash the Minds - A unique MC who can sing like Usher, has punchlines like Lloyd Banks, and a content only comparable to Lupe Fiasco. Dash has just recently released his debut mixtape “Ambitions of a LightWorker.” He aims to showcase his special gift throughout the Club Cosmic show. Dash has been a professional musician for over a year, performing mostly in his hometown area of NYC and New Jersey. As his hype continues to grow he has signed on with New Earth to promote a message of change and growth for the world as a whole. He possesses an energy that can only be experienced, not told.

JAA - Born and raised in Chicago JAA began DJing at a very young age, learning from his father who was one of the more well known DJ’s of his time in the Chicago area. His skills and rare ability to blend and mix are of the highest level and are only comparable to those at the professional ranks. Although not very well know yet around the tri-state area, JAA was able to spin at Camp Bisco where he blew a “very surprised” crowd away. Now joining the New Earth movement as a prominent force for the Club Cosmic wave, JAA will be worth the price of admission.

TYZOO & The Animal Tribe - TurntUp is TYZOO’s middle name, and that’s exactly what he aims to do. Well known in the Greater New York area, he specializes in exclusive remixes and tracks that will blow the roof off the place. The Animal Tribe is a new project that captivates the audience who wish to let their inner wildness out. As a pioneer of New Earth, TYZOO intends to take his audience to the next level of excitement and joy that Club Cosmic has to offer. The audience is highly encouraged to dress up as their favorite animals and have a blast!

MixMaster Zev - Growing up in Brooklyn in the heart of music culture, Zev spent his early years on the classical side of music as a pianist. As he got older he discovered his ear for DJing and has never looked back. He has been on two nationwide tours with Sam Lachow and Raz Simone. His resume extends into the mainstream industry spinning at clubs, events, and corporate parties around the world, including: Webster Hall, Amnesia, Ultra Lounge, Revel in Atlantic City, and Fashion Night Out for. He also opened for artist like Ciara and DJ Skribble of MTV. Zev joins the New Earth movement bringing his unique and passion driven style to elevate the vibe of the Cosmic.

ZyBa - One of the Founders of New Earth, Zyba began recognizing that he could spread his message of change through music. Utilizing his ability to write poetry he has now transcended that into a story album titled “The Diagnosis,” which he is currently recording. He has also worked as an event planner and an MC at a number of commercial events stretching throughout the Tri-State area. As New Earth’s leader, he embraces his responsibility to spread this change globally and understands that this journey will not be taken lightly.
Prizes and Contest
Club Cosmic offers all who are in attendance a number of ways to leave with a pocket full of cash. Our first opportunity has to do with New Earth’s ground breaking concept of Sourcetrology. We will be drawing different Zodiac/Number combinations throughout the show and if you happen to be one of those combinations and are found by one of our IN CROWD HOSTS, you will be given the opportunity to win up to a $100 by simply answering a few questions about yourself (similar to cash cab). For more information on your Sourcetrology visit

Our second Contest has to do with The Animal Tribe. Similar to a costume contest we will be giving three cash prizes for the sexiest animal, the most unique creature, and the wildest animal. Also to stay in theme we will have the Zebra Herd simply wear black and white, we will have Zev’s Wolfpack for those who wish to let the dogs out, and the Big Cats for all those who wish to represent the jungle. You are not required to take part in any of these contest. They are here for whoever wishes to exercise their personal creativity by having some fun in a way that you normally wouldn’t.

$10.00 - $20.00


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