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That's right, new music from disappear fear. This CD may very well be the best of SONiA Rutstein’s career. SONiA is best known to audiences around the world as one of the creators of the indie folk group disappear fear. While that group has gone through several iterations over the years, SONiA has continued to tour the globe, writing and performing songs that speak to important issues of the heart and of society.
Broken Film releases on 9-17-13 in Baltimore launching a 50 city North American tour. On the road with SONiA is Don Conoscenti on lead guitar as heard on the Broken Film CD. On bass, from Los Angeles is Jason Luckett. Moving across the Atlantic to play the drums is Katie Marie from London, UK and from Austin,Texas Laran Snyder on vocal harmonies.

The original band consisted of sisters Sonia Rutstein a.k.a. (stylized as) SONiA and Cindy Frank a.k.a. (stylized as) CiNDY and expanded the following year to include guitarist Howard Markman. Their lyrics often addressed love, life, Baltimore, LGBT rights, and progressive political issues. The pair have released five albums as a duo. (According to the band's official website bio, more than a half million copies of disappear fear records have been sold through 2009.) In 1994, after self-releasing their music via their own Disappear Records label, the band was signed to Rounder/Philo Records. Two years later, Cindy stopped performing regularly with the band in order to focus on her growing family. Occasionally, she still provides harmony vocals for the group, and of late, Cindy's teen son Dylan Visvikis has shared his talents on vocals and piano. From about 1996 through 2004, Sonia Rutstein started a solo career that took her across the nation and around the globe. She released four well-received LPs under her own name and established herself as a compelling, captivating and popular attraction in the world of LGBT, Lilith Fair, and alt-folk artists, thanks to her passion for her subjects, the honesty of her lyrics, and her warm, positive, and eclectic blend of folk, pop, rock, blues, global sounds, and Americana. In 2005, Sonia re-formed Disappear Fear with Laura Cerulli on percussion and vocals, and Angela Edge on bass guitar and trumpet. Rutstein provided lead vocals, guitar, harmonica and piano. The band released its first album (DF 05 Live) in its new incarnation in October 2005 on Disappear Records, and took Sonia's songs to diverse audiences at home and abroad. Among the major events Rutstein has graced either alone or with the band are the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation and the Concert for Peace at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC with Peter, Paul and Mary (March 2003). Her performing destinations have taken her as far away as Jerusalem (where she toured bomb shelters), Fiji, and Australia's Sydney Opera House. The newest Disappear Fear recording is 2011's Get Your Phil, an album steeped in folk and Americana sounds. Playing on the album are Sonia (songwriter, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano), Cindy (vocals) and Tony Correlli (piano). It is a tribute/cover album of the late folk singer/songwriter Phil Ochs's music.

Rutstein's 2006 Middle East tour led to the founding of Guitars for Peace, a non-profit foundation that delivers instruments to children in impoverished or war-torn nations.

The Naked Barbies

The Naked Barbies began in Oakland, CA in the year 1990. They have released 6 albums over the last 20 years, their most recent being "Stay Naked" which was released in 2007. All of their music is available on iTunes, emusic and Rhapsody, including the album they released under the name "Vagabond Lovers" in 2000 (the record company was fearful of Mattel).

Loretta Lynch

Loretta has blazed trails, having played San Francisco's acclaimed Great American Music Hall and Slim's nightclubs, live radio performances (including twice on NPR's West Coast Live), multiple appearances at England's famed Glastonbury Music Festival, and performances on the second stages at the Sleep Train Pavilion and Shoreline Amphitheatre opening for Alabama. Loretta Lynch appeared on NPR's 'Marketplace' website as one of the "Great Pop Music Artists of Today", and has lassoed a devoted and steadily growing local fan base.

Let this city quintet with the country heart break yours into tiny jagged pieces and lift it up again with the ease of a shot glass. It's a little bit front stoop, a little bit backwoods, it's the art motel on a long stretch of highway…it's Loretta Lynch!

"Loretta Lynch plays the sort of California country-lover's country that has no past, as if it rolled in on a wave one day and set up shop. Buttery vocal harmonies and wary rhythms convey timeless tales about heartbreak, coming home, and growing old that still manage to sound utterly modern."
- East Bay Express

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