Formed as the musical brainchild of Justin Aubuchon and Curt Heiny, Archnemesis creates its distinctive sound by combining original music with samples ranging from early 20’s blues and jazz to modern hip-hop and soul. With their EP Diamonds and Glass and LP Peoples Radio both available for free download at, the highly anticipated third release Every Man For Himself is now available from their website and at With this addition to their ever-growing musical catalogue, Archnemesis continues to turn heads at festivals and club shows while elevating the standard for modern electronic music. Archnemesis has performed genre-defining sets at such U.S. festivals as Electric Forest, Lights All Night, The Hangout Music Festival, SnowGlobe and Camp Bisco to name a few.

Center of The Universe

Blending live drumming with basslines, soulful sampling, & heart-warming melodies.

Dr. Plasticine

Dr. Plasticine is an American singer, songwriter, DJ, and electronic music producer. Taking influence from many styles of music, Plasticine comes from deeply planted musical roots. Beginning with his rock bands as a kid in his hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma, the Doc's love for music production grew. "I've always considered myself somewhat of a tech-head, I love messing with recording programs and gear.." said Plasticine. Dance elements had always been a big part of even his earliest music, but now Dr. Plasticine has mastered the art.

Why the name Dr. Plasticine you may ask?... Plasticine is a putty-like modelling material used by many great sculptors to create their masterpieces. The Doctor is like Plasticine, molding and shaping into different styles and forms every day, yet capturing a signature sound all of his own. You never know what you'll get out of him, there are no creative boundaries.

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