Eating Crayons, Midnight Mynx, The David Courtenay Band

Eating Crayons

A rock band is akin to a group of children simultaneously drawing a single picture. While one child may fail to draw inside the lines and another may apply clashing colors, the two are at least adding to the picture. However, at times one of the children will sit in the corner and eat his crayons, thereby wholly failing to contribute to the picture that is being drawn. Barrett O'Gorman came up with the name "Eating Crayons" in late 1994 after an experience with a prior band member who was never quite on the same page with the rest of the band.

Eating Crayons is comprised of Barrett O'Gorman on vocal and guitar, Mark Weisgerber on drums; Marc Bobro on bass; and Alain Welty on guitar and keyboard.

Eating Crayons is an all-original band which has been performing in Santa Barbara since 1994. Eating Crayons has released two CDs which are available on iTunes and other digital distributors.

Midnight Mynx

“Make no mistake, Midnight MYNX isn’t messing around.” —Montecito Journal

“What they do is rock.” —Santa Barbara Independent

Since first playing together on the SOhO stage nearly seven years ago, this local, genre-busting all-woman group has continued to expand its eclectic repertoire of songs that rock the house—a mad mix of ‘60s rock, ‘70s punk through ‘90s indie and contemporary alternative, plus originals. Covering the likes of everyone from Blondie to the Black Keys, the Monkees to Weezer, Keith Urban to Bruno Mars, Sublime to Lady Gaga, they regularly pack the dance floor at clubs from Cayucos to Catalina. This summer they recorded two new original songs in the U.K., produced by Santa Barbara producer/singer/songwriter JR Richards (former lead singer of Dishwalla).

The David Courtenay Band

A delight for the senses, singer-songwriter David Courtenay brings a vibrant energy to the stage in what can only be described as extraordinary musical magic. He performs soul-stirring acoustic rock with a splash of reggae and funk. In the spirit of John Lennon, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson and Marvin Gaye, his songs are poetic jewels of contemplation that carry a message of Self-discovery: the love, peace and power that lives at the core of every human being. David’s musical journey serves up a flowing panorama of vocal diversity that will take you on a trip into your own loving soul.


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