Native Daughters

From the minds that brought you Mustangs & Madras, and Get Three Coffins Ready. A five man journey into the depths of sound.

Black Acid Devil

Black Acid Devil started in the winter of 2008. Originally the band went by the moniker "Warriors on the Edge of Time." The band then, included Arj Narayan, Tyler Wurzer, and Taylor Iversen. Shortly thereafter, the band changed the name to what it is now. Several shows happened alongside bands like Speedwolf, Ironhorse, Black Sleep of Kali, Kingdom of Magic and 3 Inches of Blood in Denver. Two small tours of the midwest happened.The Devil is now back in the driver's seat and is now featuring Jason Carter (Drums) and Zachary Amster (guitar).

Rebel Steele

Relative newcomers to the Mile High City rock scene, Rebel Steele is by no means a rookie when it comes to artistry and experience. Comprised of some of the finest musicians in the Denver Metro area, the band’s sound is best described as aggressive hard rock that is as raw as the musicians are seasoned. The combination promises to delight your musical palette and overwhelm your senses. It has played shows around Denver in the past couple years but has recently been back in the lab refining and evolving its music composition. Look for Rebel Steele to debut a new set of songs and progressive sound in Denver during mid to late summer.


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