Veil of Maya

Veil of Maya

The Chicago based VEIL OF MAYA encompasses the good old American blue collar work ethic and have definitely taken the hard road to success grinding it out on the road through countless tours over the years, but now that backbreaking schedule is paying off tenfold. This quartet are one of the few very bands that can authentically mix elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal, thrash and hardcore brutality together effectively, all while keeping the listener constantly interested with baited breath wondering just what is coming next. This is exactly why they will have a career for years to come.

VEIL OF MAYA's dynamic second full-length album, id, was met with rave reviews and quickly caught the attention of the underground with it's refreshing and unique approach.

On the eve of the Soundwave festival performances, UNFD are proud to announce the release of Northlane's highly anticipated second album, "Singularity". To celebrate the announcement Northlane have released a new music video for the track, "Quantum Flux" unveiled today via the viral site
Singularity will be released on Friday 22 March via UNFD.

"Quantum Flux," the first official track from "Singularity" will undoubtedly surprise fans. The new single gives incredible insight into the diversity and musical talent of the band, it is a testament to their ability to push boundaries wherever they can. "Quantum Flux" is a ballsy move, especially as a lead single, but will surely impress each fan and further build upon their already sizable audience.

There was a lot of speculation about what SINGULARITY actually was after UNFD launched in late January. The site hosted a countdown and a series of information leaks, that captured the attention of fans and media alike around the world, with more than 300,000 hits on the website in a month. After many rumours and guesswork, some fans correctly assumed that it was a Northlane related project after the recent trailer was launched and hidden leaks on the site started to appear. One avid fan even managed to crack the binary code used on the website to workout all the details of the forthcoming LP.

Releasing an album only four weeks after it is announced will still come as a pleasant surprise to fans, who have witnessed the Sydney five piece explode since the release of their debut album Discoveries on November 11, 2011 [11/11/11]. Relatively unknown at the time of the release, Northlane have gone on to become one of the biggest metal / hardcore bands in the country.

Produced by Will Putney of Machine Shop [New Jersey] in between a Canadian tour and their support of Parkway Drive late last year, the Northlane and UNFD camps have managed to keep the recording top secret. The band caught everyone off guard when they released "Worldeater" last December, leading fans to believe that it was a stand-alone singe, even though it was always intended for Singularity. Considering their incredibly busy touring schedule in 2012, no one expected an album to be released, let alone recorded, between the 200-odd shows that Northlane played or had scheduled since the release of Discoveries.

Fans can now go to and watch a short documentary on the theory and development of Singularity, as well as the "Quantum Flux" music video. World wide pre-order links for the album can also be found on the site. Stay tuned to for more developments on the "Singularity" project.


Here Comes The Kraken

Here Comes The Kraken (also known as HCTK) is a Death Core / Metal band from Aguascalientes, Mexico. The band started in the year 2008.

HCTK has released 3 albums: "Here comes the kraken", "The Omen" and their most recent production "Hate Greed & Death."

The band has produced 5 official music videos: " Don't fail me Darko", "Into the Slaughter basement", "Never regret"," NU BEGINNING." and their latest "AGUASCALIENTES (DEAD HOME CITY)"
They have toured throughout Mexico 5 times, from Tijuana down to Cancun. On December 2008 HCTK played many shows in Germany which triggered a new European tour on October-November 2009 visiting countries like: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. With such a great crowd response on summer of 2010 the band came back for their second European tour, this time with more shows to play and more countries to visit.
On 2011 new material was released: "Hate, greed & Death" which has shown an evolution in their sound and that has wowed the media with its technical and musical quality. The CD was mixed by Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Pantera) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Slipknot, Marilyn Manson).

After their appearance and performance in the Festival Vive Latino 2011 the band initiated their Hate Greed & Death tour and after a great number of shows they had to cancel the tour due to a car accident in which some of the band members were injured therefore could not continue playing and are still in recovery.

HCTK is currently promoting their new single "AGUASCALIENTES (DEAD HOME CITY)" and preparing a new album for 2013, HCTK is going to hit Europe for 5th time on February 2013 with Avocado Booking

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