The P4L4DiN 6.2™ Advanced Prototype

Since 1996 – PALADIN has been one of North America’s most sought after acts, including over 300 headline performances across the continent. An unforgettable experience – unmatched anywhere in the world… a P4L4DiN performance is the one catalyst – once experienced,that is never forgotten – by all who participate. Constantly progressing and never satisfied…we now present our P4L4DiN 6.2™ Advanced Prototype. Once again – demonstrating what is possible when over a decade of development, advanced technology and unrestrained creativity are combined into one complete package.

Calmando Qual

Calmando Qual is a gothic rock-inspired band hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Their mix of dark and industrial sounds, in addition to their unique visual style, has made them a much sought after act worldwide. Having toured Europe extensively, they are excited about the chance to finally rock an American audience with their U.S. debut at TRAUMA. Presented by Rock-En Event Management.

Anna and the Annadroids

Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission to present surreal performance art concerts and online videos filled with multi-media technologies, dynamic ground and aerial dance, wacky costume design, and emotionally provocative themes that explore the human condition. These quirky robot girls collaborate with some of today’s hottest dj’s, video artists, fashion designers, and other multi-media artists to create innovative, thought provoking, and always entertaining productions. Anna and The Annadroids are based in San Francisco, California.

$20.00 - $25.00


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