A Free Evening of Jam Music featuring: Jerry’s Bones

For fans of: Jefferson Airplane, Ray LaMontagne, Bob Marley, Allman Brothers Band

Jerry's Bones was born in the summer of 2007 while Cameron and Kendra Matthews were dating. Music was a strong connection between them, and they quickly started writing together, sharing ideas, and letting their diverse styles meet. Almost a year later, the two got married, and the band began its early, creative stages.

Kendra's writing styles musically and lyrically have the strongest roots in folk...earthy, rustic and warm, which compliments her mysterious, jazzy and ethereal vocals. Cameron's musical and vocal background in raw, edgy blues and Southern rock were certainly going to bring to the table a unique, and of course, compatible formula. Their biggest common ground was, and has been the psychedelic 60's and 70's era classic jam bands, which is evident in songs like "Burn Me Down," "Home For The Sheep," and "Stars On Top." The merging of their musical roots would give life to the jam band called Jerry's Bones. The outcome is a colorful blend with really no limits as to what genres they often explore. They stay true to their blues and folk roots, but often tap into jazz, reggae, funk, world, alt-country, and country rock.

For the first few years, Cameron and Kendra both became skilled on the bass and drums as well, and were able to make it through the gigs when there wasn't a bass player or a drummer, keeping the momentum going by often switching back and forth. However, in the summer of 2012, they met Ed Williams, a genre monster on the drums. Ed began playing at 3 years old, and is a truly tasteful and seasoned drummer. Although an explosive rock drummer, his chops were able to fall right into any style or genre that was thrown at him.

At this point, it was clear that something very special was forming. A year later, in the summer of 2013, the solid, groove machine bassist, Elliot Noto joined the band. Having many years experience in various types of rock, old and new, and an affinity for classic rock, they knew after his first audition that their band was now complete. With a strong rhythm and groove section, the energy and creativity was taken to a new level. Their live show was becoming a well oiled machine. In August of 2013, Jerry's Bones was named in the top five best local rock bands in Charlotte.

With the soulful, pop song, "Movin' On," and the radio friendly "One True Home," it is likely that they will grace the mainstream, but their presence in the underground music scene will likely be just as strong with songs like the alt-country "Help," and the bluesy "That New Wine." The band is often described as having "positive vibes," which stems from the very spiritual lyrics that inhabit their songs. They tell stories of redemption, love, and hope. Their very first full length album, "Movin' On," was released in September of 2013, and Jerry's Bones will begin touring in early 2014 to promote the album.



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