Tango Down

After a brief hiatus, Tango Down is Back with their follow up to 2012′s Identity Crisis (Kivel Records). One that will not only match it, but surpass it!! Building off the strengths of their last release, while improving on what already made them great. Will satisfy fans both old and new alike. As this album has something for Everyone!! Charming Devil delivers a 10 song opus of edgy guitars, driving bass and bombastic drums! With lead vocals that are unrivaled by most and found in few. Due to the mega talent of band vocalist, David Reece (Bangalore Choir & Accept) Wrap this all up with tight, stellar production and a wall of backing vocal harmonies that would have Mutt Lange give a nod of approval, will have you give the proverbialmetal nod of approval . So, look no further to find a band you can drive with the top down and the speakers turned up to 11. This is music that will get your adrenaline pumping to the limit. Covered in their cunning threads, their taking in the scene. Come In, let the games begin. Every eye is on them…..as they are CHARMING DEVILS, and they are the Serpent you can’t resist …..

MASS is the newest brainchild/project of Mindy Abovitz (Tom Tom Magazine, Taigaa, Chica Vas) and Sarah Strauss (Rad Pony, Big Prototype). These 2 drummers bring you a double drum experience and on occasion have more drummers join them.

Modern Superstar

Hollywood Roses

From the non-stop late night parties, chaos filled streets full of tattooed rock fans in band shirts, denim and leather, hot girls in spandex, teased hair and endless oceans of booze and parties, there’s no question why in 1988 Guns n Roses we’re dubbed “The Most Dangerous Band in The World!" They were a reflection of the reckless world of Hollywood Rock, the gasoline for the high octane music that left everyone wanting more and more.
Fans craving raw rock and roll and an authentic Guns N Roses experience won't be disappointed by Hollywood Roses' exciting energetic and, incredibly realistic performance. There is no smoke and mirrors in the live show, which includes all the hits, as well as the fan favorites. “Straight Out of the Gutter” from the Sunset Strip –Colby Veil channels an untamed, raw energy that once was the power that gave Axl Rose the ability to make his own rules and be as unpredictable and chaotic in all his actions that put Guns n Roses in a category of its own.
Hollywood Roses lead singer “The Bastard Son of the Sunset Strip” Colby Veil’s incredible likeness to Axl Rose both in appearance as well as vocal prowess helped pave the way for Hollywood Roses to rise up to maintain the honorable title of “Most Authentic Guns n Roses Experience for a Decade”.
The band also includes “Robo” who can channel not only the sound that is so unique to Rock Legend Slash, but truly channels the energy as well so audiences worldwide are taken back to when Guns n’ Roses stalked the Sunset Strip. "Ashes" straight off the Static X tour joined Hollywood Roses in 2012 on rhythm guitar and is exactly what Izzy Stradlin would want to see. Leo Cueves rocks the bass and becomes Duff, hands down, and Justin Sandler is the perfect heavy hitting drummer whose performance is nothing less than an energetic cocktail of Steven Adler, Matt Sorum with a twist of excitement that truly completes Hollywood Roses. The spot-on performance can only be described as a virtual time machine that makes the audience crave more.
Hollywood Roses have rocked numerous festivals which include the inaugural year of “Rocklahoma”,(2007), holding record breaking attendance and coverage in every major Rock Magazine Worldwide, The Tempe Block Party on New Year’s Eve, Tucson Music Festival, Sunset Strip Music Festival, and were fortunate to be picked to be direct support for many of Steel Panther’s big shows. Hollywood Roses have toured throughout the US, most notably playing high profile venues in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Arizona, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and has been featured at many “Summer Rock Festivals”, “Biker Festivals” and the best Casinos, along with Private parties, Frat Parties and Special Events. August 26th, Hollywood Roses will participate in Sally Steele’s “Vegas Rocks Magazine” Vegas Music Awards, and is nominated for Best Tribute Band for the second year.
In 2007, Colby Veil was hand-picked by Guns N Roses original drummer Steven Adler to lead Adler’s Appetite for the 20th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction. The tour kicked off at Hollywood's world famous Key Club. On stage, Colby was joined by none other than Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees Izzy, Duff and Steven Adler, performing Guns N Roses hits to amazed fans. Celebrities were in attendance including guitar legend Slash. This show launched the beginning of a world tour for “Adler’s Appetite," which brought Colby to amazing venues in South America, Mexico, and the U.S.
“Hollywood Roses” consistently pays homage to that raw power rock show that Guns n’ Roses pioneered in the early 1980s. Hollywood Roses consistently provide the youngest rabid rock fans as well as die-hard fans that were a part of the scene, and all the rock n’ roll fans in between. The live show has perfected duplicating the real, honest, Rock n Roll Experience that truly stops time and teleports the audience “To the Jungle”. Guns n Roses fans of all generations are fortunate enough to get that glimpse and feel a part of an authentic Guns n Roses Experience.

Steel March

Juliet - Juliet- Bass and vocals- Calico haired Juliet got her first bass as a gift from her older brother Jack at age 13. She started songwriting at 14, did her first professional recording at age 16 and had her first paying gig with the band Ded Shepard at 19. She went on to be in Lockdown, Soulution1, had to sadly turn down a chance to play with Fat Cat Freddy because of scheduling conflicts an
d was even briefly with a country band plus a couple others not worth mentioning. With over a decade of experience in music at such a young age she's the powerful voice of the band that makes people stop and ask "that's a chick singing? Her musical influences cover the entire spectrum, a true music lover she's open to all genre's and styles. She plays Ibanez basses.

Bobby - While he may not look like much at first, guitar tour de force Bobby is the youngest member of the band at 22 years of age. He is living proof of the quip "Looks can be deceiving," with chops that hold up to any veteran of the music scene. Bobby has been playing guitar since he was 13, and formed his first band with the now defunct "The Insulted" when he was 15, standing in as their lead guitarist for a year. After that, he remained underground, honing his skills, and eventually started writing his own instrumental rock music a la Joe Satriani at the age of 17. At 19, he formed the jam band Athens, which later, with the addition of a singer, became Code of Conduct. However, the band was short-lived, and crumbled after a 5 month run. But Bobby pushed on, and eventually hooked up with Ron and Juliet, leading them to form "Steel March" in mid-2008. Bobby cites Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Metallica, Tool, Disturbed, and Stevie Ray Vaughan as his influences. He plays primarily Ibanez guitars with Ernie Ball strings, using Dunlop Jazz III Stiffo picks, through Line 6 pedals and amplifiers.

Ron - He started his interest in music at the early age of ten in Rapid City, SD. He knew he had rhythm in his blood and played in jr. high and high school marching band. He then adapted to the drum kit in the jazz stage band and learned to read music and music theory early on. Ron was very inspired by the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s classic rock bands and metal bands but did not limit himself to those styles. He love progressive Rock/Metal and has a lot of influences from Neil Peart to Mike Portnoy , Shannon Larkin, Joey Jordison, Steve Smith and too many to name them all. He's played all over the country from Florida to California and hes opened for several major acts such as Dr Hook, Fire Fall, Molly Hatchet, Black Foot, Subdudes, Johnny Rivers and Slaughter. He moved from California in the mid 80’s to seek other musical interests. Ron has played rock, metal, high energy blues (Edge of Soul) from originals to covers since back in the Midwest area. He plays with top of the line equipment which consists of Tama Star Classics maple kit, Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Tama hardware, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, Remo and Aquarian drum heads, LP cowbells, Vic Firth drum sticks and a custom Gibraltar rack system.

Quitters Anonymous

Quitters Anonymous is an American rock band from Denver Colorado.


THE THREATENED played its first show in Febuary of 2008. The band continues to receive rave reviews with its unique brand of heavy rock. With powerful vocals, shredding guitars and pounding bass and drums THE THREATENED is leaving skid marks throughout the Denver music landscape! And they have been voted by YOU as one of 106.7 KBPI's best bands in Denver in 2009! See you at a show!

World Famous Johnsons

World Famous Johnsons (WFJ) are a rock band founded by guitar player Julian Anderson (1963 - 2012) from Dogs of Pleasure. The lineup features Matthew Johnson on guitar/vocals formerly of Great White, Shane Delray on guitar/vocals, Scooter Kennedy on guitar, Scott Parker on bass/vocals, and Jimmy D on drums/vocals. After the release of the full length CD "Hitchhiking is Overrated" at the Gothic Theatre on December 1st 2012 and numerous shows, the World Famous Johnsons are now in the studio recording the next CD. The first recorded song "All Ready Dead" now is available for a limited time free download and new releases are set for the future including a Julian Anderson song Long Way Gone! The World Famous Johnsons as a collective have shared the stage with multiple national touring bands and artists including Jack Russell's Great White, George Lynch, Zakk Wylde, Jake E Lee, Red Dragon Cartel, XYZ, Lola Black, Saigon Kick, Love/Hate, I Mother Earth, Nuclear Assault, Omen, Romantic Rebel, Mind Bomb, Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis, L.A. GUNS, Warner Drive, Quiet Riot, and many more.



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