Originally from Tacoma, Washington USA, the Sonics were the first punk band -- or garage, hard rock, or alternative, or whatever you want to call it. Classic Sonics' 60s tracks like "The Witch," Strychnine," and "Psycho" set the stage for many hard rocking bands like Mudhoney, The Cramps, The Fall, and pretty much every punk-garage band ever.

Having broken up in the late 60s, the Sonics regrouped in 2007 and have been playing shows worldwide ever since.

The Sonics today include original members Jerry Roslie (keys, lead vocals), Rob Lind (sax, harp and vocals), and Larry Parypa (guitar, bkg vocals), plus newer members Dusty Watson (drums) and Freddie Dennis (bass and vocals).

Drummer Dusty Watson is the newest member of the Sonics. Dusty has toured and recorded with 60's surf music legends Dick Dale, The Surfaris, Davie Allan and the Arrows, as well as Agent Orange, Lita Ford and Seattle's own Supersuckers and Boss Martians. His big bass drum and machine gun snare rolls give the Sonics that bombastic sound reminiscent of Bob Bennett's attack, which helped launch the band in the very beginning. Dusty's approach to drumming is exactly what the Sonics are all about, pure rock and roll energy.


"Bay Area native Roy Loney, a founding member of the great Flamin' Groovies, quit the band in the early '70s, ostensibly to pursue a solo career. Oddly, his first solo recording didn't appear until 1979, nearly seven years after leaving the Groovies. In the interim, Loney had taken a series of record industry jobs, at one point working as a sales rep for the now defunct ABC Records, and at the funky and fabulous Jack's Record Cellar in San Francisco. Despite the delay, Loney's return to rock & roll performance was auspicious; there was a tremendous EP, A Hundred Miles an Hour, dedicated to Sissy Spacek, which was followed by the wild and woolly full-length LP, Out After Dark. Eschewing the Byrds-ian pop direction that former partner Cyril Jordan had now taken the Groovies, Loney's records were wild-eyed, rockabilly-fueled chunks of joyous noise, with much shaking, rattling, and rolling provided by the great guitar playing of ex-Groovies James Ferrell and drummer Danny Mihm. Now fully integrated into the late-'70s/early-'80s rock scene, Loney, retaining his deservedly hip credentials, released a string of fine records from 1979-1983 on mostly small indie labels, eventually dropping out of sight in 1984. Actually, he just withdrew from the rock scene for a while and continued to play in the Bay Area and work at Jack's. In the late '80s, recording for roots rock label Norton, Loney unleashed The Scientific Bombs Away, which was a terrific, if almost totally ignored record. Loaded with raving guitars, hiccuping vocals, and his thoroughly original sense of humor, Loney had made a triumphant return to rock. Too bad no one seemed to care. Later, Loney recorded a great cover of Sam the Sham's "I Couldn't Spell !!*@!" with the Seattle band Young Fresh Fellows."

Dukes of Hamburg

Russell Quan adored the Beatles when he saw them live on TV in the 60's. Today, he's still a Beat-nut, and plays in a band with five Fab Four fanboys adorning matching moptops! A big departure from his previous bands the Mummies , because the Dukes of Hamburg don't play dress up.

Wounded Lion

In The Red Records is pleased to present Wounded Lion's debut album: twelve joyous tracks. In them, guitars are allowed to be rhythm instruments. There's a pleasant confusion between animals, shapes, and people, all of whom can be found as friends, in outer space, underground, or in one's own unconscious.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Meatbodies are heavy, groovy, psychadelic and headbanging.

The Rantouls

If the year was 1968, Buddah records would have snatched the Rantouls up, released tons of #1 hit singles, and sent Gavin, Lauren and Will around the world charming pre-pubescent teenies wherever they went. Lucky for us, its 40 years later so you can have a pimple-free complexion and also admit that you love great pop songs.

Thee S'Lobsters

Long ago, off the Pacific shores of North America, there thrived a super-race of beings living in an undersea kingdom called Lubstaah-Land. With their leader King Klawful, the inhabitants of Lubstaah decided to successfully conquer the other powerful sea kingdoms such as Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. After being numero uno undah the aqua, King Klawful resorted back to his first passion, music, and passed down his sea-music knowledge to six famous heroes, whom are now known to all surface dwellers as.....Thee S'Lobsters, Rulers of Under- Sea Rock n' Roll!

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