Maria Minerva, Metal Mother, and Cherushii

Maria Minerva

born in the bedroom out of boredom, desperation and loneliness, maria minerva is maria juur (b.1988) from tallinn, estonia, currently based in london, uk.

Metal Mother

Metal Mother is the current incarnation of musician and songwriter Tara Tati. The project emerged in early summer of 2009, when Tara began working with engineer Paul Lamb in what was initially a collaborative experiment. However, many magical and charged late night recording sessions in their home studios lead to the making of a full length LP, to be released in early summer 2010. The making of the album has led to collaborations with such luminaries as Mica Devlin (Yard Dogs Road Show), Tommy Cappell (Beats Antique), and Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila).

As a sneak preview to the coming album, Metal Mother released an EP called In The Bones in March 2010.

Building off of the momentum of Metal Mother and the burgeoning Oakland art scene, Tara also recently founded Post Primal Productions with Eve Bradford and Leah Barlow, as both a record label and production team, creating a foundation and resource for other Bay Area artists who share the intention to foster a new renaissance of supernatural art and sensation.

Tara's main food for art is her garden, the nostalgia of her pagan homeland, her visions of earth as a utopian paradise, and the passion to work with the challenges that arise when experiencing life in these ways.



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