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Black Sun Empire

Black Sun Empire represent the finest in dark and tech fueled dance-floor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they've continued to develop their own unique style and sound, releasing numerous singles as well as four full-length LPs and establishing themselves as leaders in the field. With their impressive DJ skills and inspirational productions, Black Sun Empire have reached far beyond their native Holland. They've toured the world over, with highlights including Glastonbury and numerous other festi- val appearances, and continue to build on their growing reputation as some of the most exciting and consistent performers around. Their fifth LP 'From The Shadows' is a 100% Drum and Bass album will be released in September 2012. This is the follow up to the hugely successful 2010 'Lights And Wires' LP that demonstrated their versatility across tempos whilst still staying true to their own sound.

Borne of brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer along with René Verdult, Black Sun Empire is a DJ/producer col- lective based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Since first making music together in 1993, the trio experimented with various styles until they found their musical direction around 1997 and formed Black Sun Empire. Heavily influenced by releases from the darker labels such as No U Turn, Prototype and Virus, they took the techstep drum & bass blueprint and set out to make a new sound of their own


Bronx-born Carlos “Odi” Castillo is not only one of the
most highly-respected DJs in the stateside jungle
scene, but in great part responsible for its stylistic
evolution in NYC. He got his big break after high
school, when promoting for the famous mid-90’s
NASA rave parties grew into a steady DJing slot.
Back then, the 90’s electronica wave was called
“breaks” or “techno,” until Odi and some childhood
friends who shared a lifestyle, culture and musical
interest began pumping out electronic records with
their own signature twist. Having grown up on 125th
street in Harlem, Odi began to introduce the hip hop
elements that helped create and push the jungle
sound. It has been the defining style of NYC and the
east coast in general since 1997, when the Digital
Konfusion crew formed their own eponymous record
label and began spinning at NYC’s most dedicated
weekly jungle party: Konkrete Jungle.
Eventually Odi caught the ears of TC IZLAM, the
international spokesman for the respected Hip Hop
society Zulu Nation. He was initiated in 2003, making
him the first junglist to enter the organization. Odi and
his record label have remained prolific ever since,
DJing across the nation and producing for multiple
other artists. Odi’s home base is now in North
Carolina where he owns and runs a recording studio.

DJ Mash

BP²'s representitive from Argentina DJ Mash aka Mush most know for his events in Cordoba. The most important of them is the creation of a cycle of Drum and Bass with Galactic concept called NEBULA which was the forerunner of this style in Cordoba Capital which is experiencing its fourth year , to places like Casa Babylon Cordoba, Nicetas Side B Bs As , The Bass and KIEBRE Festival La Paz Bolivia , PUNSH Santiago de Chile, among others.

As an artist he is characterized by djs sets which contain a variety of musical styles , applying smooth mixing techniques and clean thought out scratching . In 2007 he won first place in the Buenos Aires scratch championship. His musical productions connects several branches in the trip hop , down-tempo , drum-step and drum and bass that can be heard on soundcloud . Another project is Ka - Blam , cycle Drum-step , Glitch Hop, Grime and Dubstep. He has DJ'd for various bands such as VINALES and Susana Gutierrez. Mash also participated in the first TEDx musicalizando of Cardoba Capital 2011.

Double Dragon

Both raised in Brooklyn musical households, early life for the members of Double Dragon meant being influenced not only by the records played in the home, but by the jams blasting out of boomboxes on the block, and those pumping out of the moving cars in the bustling streets. For DJs Golden Child and Sblendid, this exposure naturally developed into strong foundations in the funk, disco, rock, reggae, rap, and new-wave grooves of 1980s New York City.

As teenagers in the early 90s, getting into legendary venues such as The Building, Limelight, Tunnel, and N.A.S.A., the club experience quickly became much more than an opportunity to bug out and socialize with friends. Each, separately, had become totally captivated by what the resident DJs were doing with the records-- compelling the crowds to wild-out and dance all night long by creating an inimitable atmosphere with house and techno beats. And then they were out there on the dancefloor when the first U.K. Hardcore bombs hit NYC; game over. The creative sparks from those experiences set off the future for each of these two impressionable Brooklyn kids.

The start of their respective DJ careers coincided with the explosion of the 90’s jungle scene. Golden Child, was recruited by the legendary Konkrete Jungle posse, and Sblendid was tapped to man the all-jungle/drum and bass outfit Breakbeat Science, while performing as an original member of the infamous Camouflage crew at night.

Over the years, they would each cement their personal reputations as guiding lights of the NYC jungle/drum and bass scene, known for constructing storied sets by drawing for unique and impactful tunes that are informed by their rich heritage in urban dance music.

At the end of 2012, their decision to collaborate re-invigorated the NYC scene with a fresh perspective that propelled them to the forefront as ambassadors of jungle/drum and bass culture. Their upbeat and positive attitudes have helped the duo to foster strong and lasting relationships with several prominent jungle/drum and bass producers worldwide, and their energetic performances and in-demand recorded mixes have commanded the attention of event promoters across the U.S.

Big Ears

DJ Big Ears has been one of the fastest rising players ever to hit the jungle/drum and bass arena. His ever evolving career has proved to be an unstoppable force in New York City and beyond because his unmatched track selection isn't limited to just one genre. Fitting the definition of a DJ in the truest sense, He has held reoccurring residencies at just about every DnB weekly in NY.

Big Ears creates an untouchable blend of oldskool jungle, ragga, mashup, breakore, hardcore, speedcore, dubstep, reggae, and hip hop that breaks all stereotypes of a jungle DJ and appeals to not only junglists, but anyone who comes into contact with his quick mixes and professional production that constantly circulate among the underground music scene.

DJ Big Ears' performances have defined versatility and consistently draw new followers of his captivating sound. He has co produced with internationally known Dj/producer 6Blocc, and is currently collaborating with his crew N.B.A. out of NYC. Whether rocking up and down the Northeast, California or Miami, you can be sure that he’s gonna make you hit the dancefloor!

Bobby Skillz

Bobby Skillz, co-founder of BP², is a seasoned veteran DJ and producer having started his electronic music career in the mid 90's. He's played all over the country and has held residencies at some of the most famous NYC nightclubs such as the Limelight, Tunnel & Exit, to name a few. Bobby has done two Drum & Bass tours across Canada and has played at some unique venues, such as the Astro Dome in Houston Texas, Central Park in NYC and several times at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. These days Bobby has been focusing his time on throwing quality Drum & Bass events with his crew BP².




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