Special Guest Headliner, Iron Chic, Banquets, Chumped

Iron Chic

Melodic, anthemic punk from Long Island, NY featuring some of the folks that brought you Small Arms Dealer, Latterman, Capital & Jonesin', only this time with a more heavy Satanic influence. Iron Chic are not real. Dead Broke Records.

Banquets approach to punk rock is a breath of fresh air in a crowded scene. While admittedly the band was originally formed for fun by a group of friends, Banquets' debut 7–inch, "This Is Our Concern, Dude.", flashes some impressive songwriting. That should come as little surprise though given the band's pedigree. These guys have paid their dues in previous bands like Let Me Run, The Stand In, and The Banner. Those past experiences have obviously served them well as the band's rustic brand of anthemic and melodic punk rock should have fans of The Gaslight Anthem and The Loved Ones drooling for more.

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