Prez Powerz/Future People

Prez Powerz is a Brooklyn based recording artist fusing Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Electronica and Psychedelia with detailed sci fi concepts and story lines. Prez and producer/guitarist Prompt Strong recently released their latest album The Impossibility Machine. The album tells the story of the inter-dimensional war against S.H.A.D.O. W. The Super Hate Army Destroyer Of Worlds.
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With a crew of b boys known as The Future People, Prez Powerz and Prompt Strong perform a unique live show featuring elaborate costumes, props and multiple characters that help to bring the songs and their themes to life. The group's music videos are self produced action adventure stories that further expand the fictional universe and it's mythology. A living comic book about a band of reality jumping renegades on a mission to liberate all of humanity, Prez Powerz is a multi media project for the 21st Century.

Born November 3rd, 1993, Kid Karma represents the voice of the youth. He is currently working on his third independent mixtape. He has performed at legendary New Haven CT venue 'Toads Place', Simons Rock at Bard College, and other local school and venues. Ever since he can remember, he has been in love with hip-hop. As a young boy you would often find him with his headphones on bumping anyone from the Notorious B.I.G, to Busta Rhymes, to Eminem. As a child he excelled in writing, reading, and the English language. He especially loved storys with deep plots, and above all else, poetry. Now 17 years old, Karma has been writing hip-hop lyrics for over 7 years and has worked with many different artists and producers. Whether rapping about his future ambitions, to his struggles with faith you can gaurentee that he will bring you a track packed with complex lyrics, and intricate flow. In may of 2009, he released his first ever mixtape titled "Against All Odds". As he calls it, the CD was the "Epitome" of his soul. And is based on his struggles with his academics, drugs, and society itself. In 2010 he dropped his second official mixtape "Breaking The Silence". .. "It's true that it really is a shame when good people are silent. Growing up i never believed it when people told me that "Everyone can make a difference", but im slowly starting to see that small actions are the building blocks of larger ones. And without the small actions there would be no big ones at all. I believe in peace and love, and although i might not show it on the outside, these are the principles which drive my actions. Love cannot be expressed in words, and therefor should be displayed through actions. Stop talking about making a difference and make a difference through your actions. I stand up for what i believe in, and although you might not believe it, i would be willing to die for it too." - Karma

The Lousy Instruments

Once upon a redneck Christmas, just before the bounty of honey baked Jesus ham was mowed upon, three dead mice were franken-jected with magical gizzard stuffing and wired to a 9V bedazzle gun. Hear now the harrowing tale of their next-level taxidermy quest.



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