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With My Tail Between My Bleeding Ass I'm Off To The Gates Of Heaven


It's not often you hear about a band like NYC based zerobridge. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din ("Din") and drummer Mohsin Mohi-ud-Din are brothers whose parents are from the disputed territory of Kashmir, nestled between northern India and Pakistan. Greg Eckelman, seasoned NYC bass player (Orange 9mm, The Phoids) rounds out the trio who have been playing their own unique brand of melodic, guitar driven rock n' roll for the last 7 years. With 3 releases behind them and a new EP on the way for 2011 produced by JP Bowersock, (Strokes "guru" / guitar player for Julian Casablancas & Ryan Adams) who will join zerobridge onstage on guitar for this Mercury Lounge show, the music of zerobridge illustrates a penchant for classic songwriting and a passion to become the only band that matters.

The name zerobridge comes from an actual bridge in Kashmir's capital, Srinagar, which earned the lesser known epithet of the "the city of seven bridges." The story goes that when they built an 8th bridge, no one knew what to call the first bridge. The solution is a case of pragmatics taken to the extreme: they decided to name it Zerobridge. Zerobridge is a sentimental place for anyone familiar with Kashmir; just across the bridge, after passing through military checkpoints and barbed wire fences, is a cafe called the Zero Inn - a place where family and friends go when reunited in Kashmir to hang out and have "cold coffees" (which are like frappuccinos, but far better according to the brothers).

This past June, the brothers organized an acoustic tour of their ancestral homeland in Srinagar, Kashmir. Armed with a cajone and a guitar, Din and Mohsin played several shows in the conflict zone not only bringing rock n' roll to the valley but also working with local musicians and organizations to bring about cultural exchange and to engage the youth through the arts. The results were overwhelmingly positive with each show bringing in hundreds of people. During their time there, the brothers also worked with a local orphanage under Mohsin's Lollipops & Crowns Arts Initiative.

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