Switch District Presents: DJ Mighty Thor (Milwaukee, WI) LIVE at Sensu!


Who is "Mighty" Thor? Well, to answer that question we must first address the obvious. He is clearly a DJ, he is most definitely a devoted care taker to his dog Chunk, and on most days he is a well-rested consumer of culture and knowledge. Not a day has gone by where Thor did not exemplify these attributes. However, if we wish to know the man - truly know the man - we need to look beyond his daily activities as a citizen of the great city of Milwaukee.

In 1985 the world was introduced to Thor Hanson. He was born, like many of us, to two parents, one male and one female. Upon seeing their firstborn child, these intrepid beings bestowed upon him the name Thor- A family name. An ancient name. A Mighty name.

From that point on Thor's parents only gave birth to females. It is the opinion of this writer that it is due to the inexplicable degree of masculinity contained in the bodily vessel that is called Thor Hanson. The blood of musicians, athletes, war heroes, and radio personalities - the patriarchs of his family - courses through his veins like bolts from the Thunder God. While other children were learning how to add and subtract on Sesame Street, Baby Thor was learning about the the dawn of pop music from greats like The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, and whatever was on MTV in the early days. His rock education came to a head in 1992 when he heard Dr Dre's "The Chronic" which his older cousin had gotten. This was a turning point in pop music and represented a new era of Hip Hop dominance. Not long after Gangster Rap 'capped' it's way into suburbia, The Beastie Boys added Mix Master Mike to their line up, and something he did caught Thor's ear...

It was then that Thor learned of a new revolution in music that would change pop culture the same way the electric guitar did years before. This new sound would awaken Thor's ambition and set him on a course that would bring him to where he is today. That sound was The Scratch.
Thor spent years perfecting the technical aspects of DJing - scratching, beat matching, juggling, and programming - but anyone in the biz will tell you that skill is only half the equation. It takes a specific type of audacity to succeed at playing other peoples music, and if one wishes to thrive as a DJ, one must create for oneself a persona that sets one apart from the rest of the pack. Thor took to the marketing side of DJing naturally - Just like his birth name is also his stage name, so too is the persona of Mighty Thor the actual personality of Thor Hanson.

The boisterous outbursts, the single-mindedness, the unapologetic pursuit of gratification… all these things define who Thor Hanson is and how Mighty Thor operates. A typical DJ set from Mighty Thor is a well paced musical odyssey punctuated by the occasional attention grabbing scratch and oddly timed transition.

His 'big-picture' approach to DJing does not leave room for nit picking attention to detail or genre fidelity.

The sole loyalty of DJ Mighty Thor is his allegiance to the party.

Ah, yes… the party. Who better to rock any party than a white kid from the suburbs that came up DJing at 'hood' clubs? Where, from the DJ booth, he held court over the proceedings and banged his 'gavel' like the hammer of his namesake. This same man who on a weekly basis moves effortlessly from playing hip hop spots on one night to trendy night clubs the next. Late night after parties, weddings, even cheesy suburban theme nights are all well within the repertoire of this skilled music selector.

The versatility of Mighty Thor keeps him in constant demand among promoters and his magnetic personality keeps him high on the list of 'favorite DJs', but what motivates him? Critics might say that its ego that keeps him going, hubris that compels him. Ask the man and he will indeed agree "I am a cocky sonofabitch." but if you trouble yourself to, again, look a bit deeper, you will discover that is not arrogance that drives this man. Nay, gentle reader, it is the divine emotion - love - that keeps him truckin'.

Love for life - good food and drink, women and pleasures. Love for family and friends. The love of experience and achievement. Yes, this is what makes Thor tic.

So when we ask ourselves "Who is 'Mighty' Thor?" The answer is deceivingly simple: He is a man that loves his life and will continue to do so until he, like the rest of us, eventually dies and is returned to the halls of his Forefathers.

Until that unfortunate day, good friends, he invites you to rock with him.

Sinclair Wheeler




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