DINOWALRUS is a synth-rock band from Brooklyn, NY comprised of Pete Feigenbaum, sound designer/synth and bass wizard Liam Andrew, and veteran drummer Max Tucker.

Pete started the band in 2008. They started 2009 strong with a 7" release that was distributed by Impose and RVNG, plus another 7" release on the Australian label EXO.

In January 2010, DINOWALRUS put out their shape shifting, eclectic and erudite debut, %, on Kanine Records (Surfer Blood, Chairlift, Grizzly Bear). The band toured the east coast and California with the likes of Titus Andronicus, Fang Island, Aa, Signals (ex-mae shi), and Tempo no Tempo.

Later in 2010, Pete revamped the lineup and songwriting approach, and began working with Liam Andrew (synthesizers, bass). The two have been friends since college, where they both took a course entitled "the experimental traditional in pop music", receiving course credit for listening to favorites such as PiL, Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle and Kraftwerk.

After lineup changes, DINOWALRUS then turned towards a more pop-oriented songwriting approach that drew heavily on the 1980s beats of Madchester plus other groovin' minimal synth, new wave, dark wave, and post punk angles, while retaining their psychedelic and krautock backbone. They released their sophomore album Best Behavior on Old Flame Records+Heist or Hit (Dead Confederate, Cloud Nothings, Millionyoung) in 2012.

We seek a balance between what is made and what is born, the synthetic and the organic. Merging the faceless attack of the guitar with the ancient pulse of the drums. Machines are now present through the human, access to the mind is gained, but through machines alone the mind is taken. You are left feeling born and destroyed, a once barren sponge now filled with electricity. A human machine.

No longer the bedroom folk duo of their early years, the Brooklyn quintet is slowly revealing their new identity as a sonically adventurous band. The inspired songwriting and lyrical storytelling of Carl Creighton remains a central focus for Howth while the surrounding sounds created by Blake Luley, Neil Acharya, Aviva Stampfer and Jeremy Duvall continue to grow into a a swelling, dynamic force.

Indulging on the melodies and sentiment of 90’s indie rock, Howth also reaches for the soaring heights of classic ’70s rock while adding in dynamic ambient textures inspired by Eno and minimalism.

Within Howth’s new songs, Creighton gives a voice to the soul-searching outsider attempting to find a place within claustrophobic environment of the urban landscape. Like a weed pushing through a crack in the sidewalk, their music reflects the perseverance of organic over artificial.

The Indecent

The Indecent is the next NYC band to keep your eye on. These youngsters mix intelligent songwriting, thought-provoking lyrics, downtown NYC attitude, and raw rock 'n' roll's angst into a fresh and unique post-millennium sound. Resurrecting the spirit, smarts, and soul of rock's greatest underground eras; the quartet is a lethal combination of streetwise savvy, youthful expression, and maturity beyond their years.

A phenomena in the making, The Indecent's first record came to the attention of Rob Cavallo at Warner Bros Records. Rob signed the band shortly thereafter, his first as the new of Warner Bros. The quickly recorded a new album, released just in time for the band's first overseas tour. Their newest record, which expands upon the Indecent's beautiful and profane noise, was released in the spring of 2012.

This awesome band of 18-year old triplets are currently touring with the release of their debut EP, and just got back from Europe off the Warped Tour. They are playing Shea Stadium a week before this show. You don't want to miss this event!


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