Glostik Willy

Glostik Willy

Glostik Willy is a very unique and diverse band formed in early 2008. Since then the band has grown to be a driving force in today's jam scene. Glostik Willy brings an energy like no other during live performances that gets crowds moving and grooving all night long. Early in 2010 GW began making a statement in today's festival scene by "stage rage" which means going to festivals without being billed, building a stage, and playing until the sun comes up for anyone still around to enjoy it. The band is a force to be reckoned with and is showing no signs of slowing down. Their first album Gonzology, released in 2010 featuring songs such as Gonzo Tree, Highs & Lows, and My Brudda, were a instant hit with Stik Heads everywhere. Currently the band is working on a new album that will feature the bands most recent musical workings such as Peppermint, 427, Traveling Moo, Walking Apples, and Gollem in the Shed. It will release sometime in 2013. Glostik Willy continues to thrive on the road spreading their love for music to anyone with an open ear. If this group of in your face progressive/funk/jam addicts happen to stop by a city near you, be sure not to miss this amazing musical spectacle that the world will soon know as Glostik Willy.


Digeometric is a concept idea that bloomed in June of 2010. The formation of this group happened both spontaneously and sporadically. The music being created by Digeometric occurs in the same manner.

Rhombus' roots go way back to Tappan, Matt and Bradford's early college years where they met and jammed out in a local funk band called the Ill Gotten Buty around the campus of Illinois State University. Tappan and Bradford played for several years in and around Chicago in the bands ATABA and the LosDes Groove Orchestra. Fritz was originally drafted into ATABAs lineup on bass, and hung-out for what would become Rhombus. Matt resurfaced in 2005 in Chicago and Rhombus was formed. In the fall of 2007, they cemented their lineup by adding local Chicago artist Brandon Warrick, who also played in LosDes G.O.


Chicago based organic duo. Blending sounds you can just say we are some culinary musicians infusing hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, crunch hop and steppin music into something that feeds the soul.



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