Rizzo's Dilemma, The Mushroom Cloud

Rizzo's Dilemma

Rizzo's Dilemma is a hard-hitting improvisational rock band from southern CT. With a sound as versatile and inventive as its members, Rizzo's Dilemma blends the technique and guidelines of traditional rock with the experimentation and creativity of spontaneous improvisation. With music ranging from deep funk and delta blues to dub reggae and down-home bluegrass, the capabilities of the trio are seemingly endless.

The Mushroom Cloud

The Mushroom Cloud is a 4 piece psychedelic funk rock band from Cheshire, CT. Paul and Russ Harris have been playing together for 11 years, and with Keyboardist Taylor Shirk for 7 years. They decided they wanted to fully dedicate themselves to making music in late 2010, and formed The Mushroom Cloud, named after realizing the energetic and explosive direction their improvisational jams were taking. Bassist Charlie Mazur was added to the line-up in early December 2011. Influenced by a huge spectrum of artists, The Mushroom Cloud blends funk, rock, and jazz into cleverly written passages of music, intermixed with powerful improvisational jams, enjoying anything that swings and grooves.


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