Cork Seafood Fest

Cork Seafood Fest


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Cork Seafood Festival The Sea fest takes place on US East and West coasts. This festival has taken place annually For the last 6 years and features plenty of oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster and 60 other seafood varieties. The city comes alive with the influx of visitors (the event attracts over 15,000 international guests on average, who consume over 100, 000 pounds of seafood over the course of the festival!). This festival also features live djs and a gala dinner with champagne, crab and lobster. Enjoy an 3-hour trip of seafood delights including Crab, Shrimp and all the fixins. Our mouth-watering, delicious seafood is marinated with World Famous J.O. Seasoning #1. Crab Pass: Pass includes event admission and All you can eat meal is served in 4 portions with traditional seasonings, fixins and drink tickets. Lobster Pass Combo Pass includes Lobster, Crab and Shrimp with traditional seasonings, fixins and drink tickets.

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