The Bottom Dollars

These "serial heart stealers" [The Deli Magazine] produce an absolute wall of sound; thunderous drums echoing behind a classic rock rhythm section with soaring, lush vocal harmonies. Take that picture and paint it with shades of The Clash's on-stage dominance, the vibe of The Band circa 'Rock of Ages' and the power of My Morning Jacket and you've almost got The Bottom Dollars.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this proudly-loud five piece are quickly becoming a point of discussion for bloggers and tapers, as well as eager & sweaty concert-goers all across the country, gaining accolades in NPR: All Songs Considered, KEXP, Daytrotter, Village Voice, Relix Magazine, ScoutMob, NME Magazine (UK & Europe), as well as many other notable publications.

Hot off the release of their new singles, "Six Twenty Six" and "Morning Thunder," The Bottom Dollars are storming through the American independent rock scene: showcasing at consecutive SXSW(s), CMJ Music Marathon(s), and placing first as The Deli Magazine's Best Emerging Artist of 2011 (Editor's Poll).


"Professional Sonic Assassins." -

"The Bottom Dollars' music goes something like this...It's having a flask tucked, at all times, in the inside pocket of any coat that would ever be worn. It's keeping that flask healthily full with something that coats." - Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

"It doesn't get much better." - Lindsay Gilbert, No Pulp Music

"Pick any Bottom Dollars' tune and see if the first guitar riff doesn't make you want a bottle of whiskey and a barstool (the "let's make some trouble" kind, not the "let's drown our sorrows" kind)." - ScoutMob

"With heavy blues vocals and an old-west-appeal, The Bottom Dollars continue to feed on their growing buzz with energetic live shows and a constant presence in the New York music scene." - Devon Antonetti, The Deli Magazine

$5.00 - $8.00


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