Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman started writing songs. Then he broke up with his longtime sweetie and formed a blistering rock and roll band (in Boston) called Ezra Furman & the Harpoons. They made albums: Banging Down the Doors (2007), Inside the Human Body (2008), Moon Face (2009) and Mysterious Power (2011). And they played some really great shows. They even became popular overseas.

Then Ezra went solo. He holed up in the attic (in Chicago where he is from) and made The Year of No Returning, released in 2012. Ezra’s follow-up album, entitled Day of the Dog, will be released in September of 2013 on Bar/None Records. Right now he is one of the best songwriters around. He rocks, he connects, he haunts and he kills. These days he usually plays with his wild band, The Boy-Friends. He's one of our finest Rock ‘n’ Roll fools, heart open wide and fangs bared. Keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gents. He's far from finished.

Mock Suns is a Philadelphia three-piece, formed in the wake of Giant Mind. With a sound that mixes heady phased-out jams reminiscent of Tame Impala with Grizzly Bear-esque jazz-drone pop, Mock Suns deliver their intimate reverie in patient, foreboding crescendos.

A Victim Of Good Times

Heavily influenced by guitar-driven rock, post-punk and surf, AVOGT delivers warm yet aggressive waves of guitar and vocal harmonies over staccato ripples of bass and drums. Fronted by Matt Gaines (November Radio) and featuring bassist Mike Lebovitz (Father Bingo), drummer Dan Sagherian (Overlord, Brody) and guitarist Clayton Thomas (Bad Press, Svingali).



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