Molly Ringwald Project

Molly Ringwald Project

Boasting a Motley cast of characters from all over the Central Coast, the Molly Ringwald Project (tMRP) is an escape back to the days when music videos killed radio stars. Over the top showmanship and even bigger hair was all the rage. Although, the hair days are a thing of the past (for 5/6 of us), the songs remain ever TRUE. Keeping the original artists vision of the songs, tMRP is set out to make pegged pants, high top Reeboks, and topsiders in vogue once again... Just like the original Brat Pack, we're all a lil' older and wiser, but we all long for those Prom and songs of rebellion we loved to hate (at least in public). So get on board, the Metro that is, and let's party like it's.... The mid 80's or so!



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Ranch and Reata Roadhouse

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