After his last official release in 2004 with the critically acclaimed Porn Theatre Ushers' "Taxachusetts" LP, Mister Jason is back with a brand new bag of tricks. This time he comes equip with his most innovative project "Frankensteez" which features a collaboration of his many styles, guests and even live instrumentation for the first time. The first single from this soon to be talked about masterpiece, should go down in history as one of the most unique posse cuts of all time! We believe that this is the first release of it's kind in hip-hop history! The track "Mister Jason has a posse" consists of 26 rappers, each spitting rapid fire 4 liners, each rapper representing each letter of the alphabet.


Before I made records that pissed you off (all while you nod your head), my roots are in
the early 90's. I walked around with a hi-top fade with my initials cut in my hair and a walkman that I never took off...except during football or basketball practice (yeah, I was both a music geek and a jock).
After a short summer internship at Power Play Studios in Queens in 1992 (I was 15) and hearin how old records were gettin flipped in rap production, I was convinced I wanted to make beats...and a career in rap music. I wanted to do like Pete Rock, 45 King, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Sir Jinx, Bomb Squad, etc. Then I saw Large Professor workin on Akinyele's Vagina Diner LP while sweeping floors at Power Play and knew that was it. My childhood dream of playin bass in a funk band died, and my application to intern on the Playboy Bunny Ranch and bang all the girls was denied. I got an SP-1200 and DJ equipment and started
makin demos at home. 2 years later, in 1994, I met Vance Wright (Slick Rick's DJ) who had a
studio up in New Rochelle, NY (Westchester). I started interning/ engineering there at age 17. I learned
the basics of engineering and brushed up on my beat making techniques...all while running
gofer errands to get Greg Nice's turkey sandwiches while he worked on Nice-N-Smooth's
Jewel of the Nile LP. Grand Puba was there workin on his 2000 LP as well. Shit, even
Amil came through to make demos (way befrore Roc-A-Fella). My first record ever came out back then. I produced and mixed a joint for Preacher Earl (down with Nice-N-Smooth) called "Fool I Got Your Back" that came out promo only in 1995. I made a lousy $100, but it was my first record.
After that, I finished high school and headed to Purchase College (NY) to major in music and minor in dealin with the messed up ho's that turned me onto the obnoxious bastard I am today. (Yeah, try to call me now you ratchet mouth skanks!) My college senior project was "Music For Tu Madre", an album that eventually became my debut independent release on my Old Maid Entertainment label in 1999.

Flash to the present

OK, $ick of Bein' Rich (2003) is my fourth album. I had "Music For Tu Madre" back in
1998-99, "A Bottle Of Whup Ass..The EP" in 2000 and "Pimps Don't Pay Taxes" in
2001. They all did pretty well independently on my Old Maid Entertainment label. I $old
enough to get me that diamond and gold dollar $ign chain I'm wearin on the new album
cover and enough to have Fat Beats Records re-release "Pimps..." in 2002. I'm best
known as a producer and all of my previous efforts were self-produced. I did beats for
people like Al-Shid, HUG, Celph Titled, Louis Logic, High & Mighty, RA the Rugged
Man, Tame 1, Cage, and the legendary Biz Markie as well. My song with Biz Markie is
called "Chinese Food" and it's real dope, but even chinese food spoils if you let it sit for
too long, so to the record label: Put the song was recorded over a year ago! As a
DJ I usually play gangsta rap that clears the dancefloor, but I don't give a sh*t. Too
$hort, Poison Clan, Geto Boys and Eazy-E are party records to me. I may play a little rare
funk if the crowd behaves. My partner DJ Contakt plays all the ass-shakin hits, so he
usually gets the chicks. As a rapper (sorry purists, I'm not an MC cause I'm too rich to fit
in that category), I don't freestyle and I'm best known for offensive, vulgar lyrics and
crude subject matter, but senior citizens and those with a sense of humor find me pretty
amusing. The rest of the world thinks I'm an obnoxious piece of s**t. I've done shows
and DJ gigs from New York, to LA, to Australia, to the UK, to Iceland, to Sweden, to
France, to Holland and they all agree. $ick of Bein Rich will further prove them right. As
usual, I do all of the production, but on the rhyme side, I got some good help from some
special guests. Rap legends King T, J-Ro (of the Alkaholiks) and Masta Ace all show up
for the party. I got some of the funkiest rising stars as well, including long time
collaborator Al-Shid, Celph Titled, Copywrite and my rich-ass partner Dick $tallion. Then
there's me, the chinchilla fur wearin', hooptie drivin', trash talkin', obnoxious bastard that
lives with his beloved grandmother in Jamaica, Queens. I hope you enjoy the album, but if
u don't I don't give a s**t...cause I already got paid.


J-Zone (aka Capt. Back$lap, the 2003 Bobby Brown...The Tom Jone$ of Rap)

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