Bootleg Glory

Bootleg Glory is a Garage Rock and Roll band from Toronto, Ontario. Their recent release of their 4 song EP recorded in Nashville was followed by a tour to the west coast of Canada. After a few months of shows in Central Ontario, Bootleg will be hitting the road again, this time to the east coast, back to the west coast, then from there, who knows? These guys are crazy talented, and as committed as any band could be. Only good things lie ahead for Bootleg Glory if they keep up all their hard work.


Lynn and Tanya, best friends, business partners, roommates, and quite possibly soul mates, have been making music together since 2004. Comedic personalities, killer vocals and hot bods, make this duo the most dynamic duo, of all duos, of all time. Catch them on stage, at a rave, in the sun or shade, during a parade, on ice skates, but mostly on bicyclettes... all over Toronto....if you can. SidePony 4 Life! #SidePonyNation


Looking for the next up and coming band that satisfies both rock and pop lovers alike? You will find it in the newest indie rock band creating waves in the Canadian music scene, coming from Newmarket, Ontario, BORDEEN.

After many years of finding just the right fit for a band, lead singer Ryan had to look no further than his own house to put an amazing band together. Incorporating both siblings Daniel (drums) and Brianna (keys/vocal) into Bordeen, they along with brothers Murray (guitars/vocal/sax) and Billy (bass) have created a new niche of Canadian music that will find you thinking of all the bands you love while hearing something fresh and original at the same time.

Bordeen is an eclectic mix of new pop, southern rock, and old school harmonies. Throughout each song on their debut album you will be brought into stories that all can associate with – love, loss, hardship, compassion, and communication. Each song evoking emotion, each song leaving you wondering what comes next.

Having already been nominated for a GMA award, winning Band Showcase events, and playing the majority of Toronto’s top clubs: Lee’s Palace, The Mod Club, Bread and Circus, The Rivoli, The Annex and The Opera House, this is the must hear band of 2013 coming from Canada.

$10.00 - $12.00


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