Oneironaught, Dead Empires, Manawi Thorn, Mary Todd


Oneironaught is a 4-piece band based in Brooklyn, NY since June 2012. Playing primarily instrumental music, the music is comprised of rock, psychedelic, progressive, metal and classical elements. Our first album, "Enlist Today!" is currently being self-released, please check out our website for more information!

Dead Empires

Dead Empires is a three-piece heavy instrumental progressive metal band from the Hudson Valley, NY.

Manawi Thorn

Manawi Thorn is a math rock band from Brooklyn NY.
Manawi Thorn is louder than you, no matter how loud you can scream.
Manawi Thorn will gladly eat anything, regardless of how "edible" it is considered by society.
Manawi Thorn is smarter than you, no matter how many calculus books it takes you to screw in a light bulb.
Manawi Thorn would rather piss in your drink than shake your hand.
Manawi Thorn would rather shake your hand than guess what's in your drink.
Manawi Thorn will not buy you an ice cream cone.
Manawi Thorn will rock your fucking socks off.

Mary Todd

Three gents from the south, playing jams in the north.


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