Mister Loveless

Mister Loveless are a 4-piece rock band founded in 2003 by high school friends Rob Miller and Charlie Koliha in a sleepy suburb of San Francisco called Walnut Creek. Loveless (as those familiar with the band refer to them) grew from an angular, post-punk act to a sonic territory all their own. The group currently resides in Oakland.

Mister Loveless have influences that range from the melodic tension building dynamics of the Pixies, to the crooning testimony of The Smiths. They have the ability to move the listener into a frenzy and celebration of youth and disorder then, within moments, take them to the brink of solemn tears. In this double nature, one of joy and regret, that leads to spectators to put their drinks down and approach the stage with moth-like tragedy.

Mister Loveless released Grow Up on Sept. 11, 2012. The album will stand as a call to arms and a challenge to a generation that will have to make it's place in the world and make it their own.

Cannons and Clouds

San Francisco's Cannons and Clouds assert tastefully designed, melody-forward, vocally charged, heavy "Indie Post-Rock". Both wistful and dynamic, their music is accentuated by slow-building crescendos, rich multi-part vocal harmonies, and soaring layers of electrically sonic, face-melting, soul-crushing, kegel-clenching convergences of both rhythmic and melodic psychedelia. All while maintaing a propensity for integrating unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives into their manifold framework.

The Hundred Days

"Experiencing The Hundred Days live was one of those reminders that the world is a really beautiful place." --SF Examiner

"The Hundred Days are an absolute must-see." --The Owlmag

San Francisco's smartest new young band, The Hundred Days, have released the second single and video off their debut album, Really? The video for "Girl At a Party", directed by David Dutton, is a raucous, fun-filled romp through a gigantic bash with a gorgeous lady as your guide. Magnetic Magazine exclusively premiered the video for the month of August.

With driving rhythms, soaring guitars, textural keyboards and powerful vocal melodies, The Hundred Days push indie/alt rock in new directions. Drawing from a variety of influences (postpunk, alternative, britpop), the band's familiar, yet intrinsically unique sound has been compared to The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Radiohead as well as contemporary rockers Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery and The Killers. A moody, dynamic indie rock band, The Hundred Days showcase tight musicianship complemented by razor-sharp pop writing capabilities with both sophistication and urgency.

Mammoth Life

Mammoth Life is a female fronted, dream-pop quartet from San Francisco. Soaked in reverb with coursing organ and electric guitar, this band falls somewhere between Weezer's Blue and current releases by Tennis and Beach House. ML's debut LP will be out July 31st via Satisfying Records.

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