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The Suzan

THE SUZAN are a Japanese all-girl band formed by Rie(Key&G), Saori(Vo&G), Nico(Dr) and Ikue(Ba)-self proclaimed "riot-girls". They gathered as a band in 2004 after sisters Rie and Saori had created a unique sound more influenced by the disslike of what they heard in Japanese Pop music. The music THE SUZAN plays is absolute original sound that takes in every kinds of music; Pop, Wild dance, Punk, Garage Rock and so on. The results THE SUZAN produce is a fresh sound easy to memorize but an exciting new sound for your soul to fall in love with .
THE SUZAN's live shows are full of energy that makes the audience happy, smile, and dance- no matter what the crowd、This exciting live energy comes from their experiences touring supporting such bands as Peter Bjorn and John, The Go-Team, The Bishops, Radio Birdman not only in Japan but in UK, France, Germany and the US- where throws of unsuspecting new fans have sworn allegiance to THE SUZAN. In the summer of 2007, THE SUZAN released their first full album in Japan and toured Europe where they got the attention of Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John to produce their next record. This long awaited new record, Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat, is out this fall on Fool's Gold / Downtown, where the first single "Home" has already caused much stir and anticipation for more. THE SUZAN are band you must keep your eyes and ears on to not miss the excitement they will be creating around the world.

The Denzels

An endearing blend of polished alt rock with a mischievous garage rock sensibility, The Denzels sport an infectiousness that is completely irresistible. In April they debuted "Slow Death" and the b-side "Montrose Next Door," undeniably strong tracks that promise an excellent show and a bright career.

Darlings have fathered and mothered a style of punk-splashed pop music with a fair helping of tongue-in-cheek songwriter and layers of fuzz. said of their 2010 EP Warma, " This is going to be my new go-to record when I want to just sit back, put on headphones at work and shirk my responsibilities. Warma is out now on Famous Class.... Keep an ear out for these guys."

Blue & Gold

In the topsy-turvy world of rock & roll, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful. For Chloe, that first piece of wood was White Lightning, a Mexi Telecaster. Her parents got it for her birthday. She was 11. Alex’s first axe came a few years after he told his parents he was quitting piano lessons because he had better things to do with his time. Like girls. He actually said that. GG’s mom told her to play an instrument in 5th grade. She chose snare drum and thought it was lame. Then she saw a blink-182 video with Travis Barker. She was like, Wait. That is cool. I wanna do that. So she did. And she still does.

Blue & Gold plays rock & roll music. Like the White Stripes, the Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes. Also like Zeppelin, Cream, and Hendrix. And the Strokes, Band of Skulls, and the London Souls. But just listen to Blue & Gold already. Because life is short. Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It's just not really widely reported.

The Teen Age

Formed in Brooklyn during the Winter of 2012, The Teen Age plays a mix of 70's punk and indie garage. Their song "Evil" was recorded at the new Silent Barn in Bushwick, BK and was produced by members of the group Ava Luna. Humming with youthful defiance and grounded in psych, the track serves as an exciting precursor to a debut EP currently in the works.


LiKWUiD (Stylez) is the stage name of American musician Faybeo’n Mickens who was born in South Carolina and developed into an independent Hip-Hop standout performing artist and freestyler in New York City. In 2011, LiKWUiD released the “No Regrets EP” (Sano Business) produced by Italy’s Bassi Maestro, after releasing 3 independent projects Gummy Bears & Champagne (2010), Southern Belle (2006) and Likwuidation: The 5th Element (2003).
The “No Regrets EP” has been described by as a project that “(P)ulls the listener in from the beginning and never lets go, making for a surprisingly deep release chock full of intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics that deal with everything from putting whack rappers in their place to empowering women in hip-hop and in other facets of life.”
AOL Blackvoices described LiKWUiD as one of the nations top female emcees. Her band, LiKWUiD + Gummy Bears & Champagne combines syncopated rhythms and sonnets that blend the raw sounds of the East Coast and the essence of Southern Soul. Described as a Hip-Hop Fusion or Soul-Hop artist, LiKWUiD has performed throughout the East Coast with artists such as Slick Rick, 9th Wonder, Lyfe Jennings, Jazmine Sullivan, Talib Kweli, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Bow Wow, Rah Digga, Umar Bin Hassan (The Last Poets), Jesse Boykins III and world renowned comedian Cedric the Entertainer.
A Hip-Hop artist, educator, and activist, LiKWUiD or LiKWUiD Stylez is committed to use her gift of song to change the negative portrayal of women in the entertainment industry. An accomplished athlete and honor student (and MBA recipient), Likwuid performs on various stages speaking to young people about the importance of education and self-love. In 2009, her words and experiences were published in the powerful book Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism that highlights the life and experiences of successful American women.
Most recently, LiKWUiD was nominated for the 2011 UMA Best Female Artist Award and has received numerous other recognitions including DiscMakers/Taxi Top 10 Artist in the Southeast (IMWS) award, the Power 94.3 Freestyle Battle Champion, Charleston Idol Award, EOW Emcee Challenge Award and JumpOff.TV Freestyle Battle winner.




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