Island Twins, Tape Waves

Tony, Erik and Meagan went to school together. Now they play music.

Tape Waves

Tape Waves are great example of the magic of the modern music industry and accessibility of music.

We live in an age where a Charleston, SC duo with a beautifully recorded bedroom EP can reach ears all over the world through multiple websites, and have their s/t EP released by UK label Box Bedroom Rebels, while only having played a small handful of shows.

Tape Waves, made up of Kim Hart and Jarod Weldin, play dreamy indie rock that melts through your speakers . With delicate vocals that blanket jangly guitar lines that bounce back and forth, the duo captures the happiness of a deep day-dreaming session on the beach. The moments where you lose yourself in the moment, listening to the steady crashing of waves crashing on the beach.

Beach Arabs are a trio formed by guitarist/songwriter Liz Hogg. Born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, she assembled the band with fellow students from LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts. An academy as notable for its curriculum as its successful artistic alumni, Liz even once attended a school musical Azealia Banks starred in while both were students. She was most inspired to learn guitar from her early musical hero, John Frusciante, whose song "Head (Beach Arab)", lent the band its name. Gigging sporadically for a year with drummer Andrew Orenstein & a succession of bass players, the line up gelled in spring 2010 with bassist/vocalist Nathaniel Sabat. Sabat came on board after meeting Orenstein the previous summer at a camp, building houses together in Nicaragua. With the present line up intact, they home recorded and self-released their debut album, "Under the Whale" in January 2011, while all the members were still in high school.
The youthful trio has spent much of its time gigging in the unique network of local DIY, all-ages venues such as Shea Stadium, Big Snow, Death By Audio & 285 Kent. Here they have refined their forward thinking approach to guitar driven music that is the hallmark of their upcoming LP, "Wild Movement." The album's first single, "On The Beach," with its high tension wire treble guitar twangs on a surf wave while tempos start and stop in a quirky cadence all their own. Elements of the trio’s thinking person’s guitar rock hearken to an era of underground forbears from Homestead & SST Records. Liz's introverted, melodious vocal delivery in "On the Beach" offsets its pierces of angular guitar & on a dime tempo changes, adding an air of sensitivity to the track's power surges.
“Wild Movement” was recorded at Radian Studios in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in the spring of 2012 & mastered by Daniel James Schlett at Strange Weather Studios. It is out on a limited edition cassette in the U.S. and Europe through Mouca, and will see a worldwide digital release through Mouca/Acuarela September 23rd, 2013.



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